Sun, Jun 21, 09 - Doctor Who, Legend Of The Seeker, Supernatural, Arrested Development

06.30 Doctor Who
07.30 Legend Of The Seeker
08.30 Supernatural
01.00 Arrested Development

Doctor Who. Season 28, Episode 10. "Love & Monsters" The story of Elton.

Superb change-of-pace episode, finds The Doctor and Rose left out of the story, and focus shifts to a guy called Elton and his group of friends who are obsessed with finding out who The Doctor is.

Marc Warren heads a great cast, with Shirley Henderson, Peter Kay and Simon Greenall being superb as well.

The script is very funny, the story is crazy and there's an undertone of sadness and loneliness to everything that happens. That, more than anything, is what I loved most about this episode.

Legend Of The Seeker. Episode 4. "Brennidon" Richard finds the village of his birth, and a woman who claims to be his mother...

Isolated from Zed and Kahlan, Richard has a solo-adventure in a village over-run by the D'Harans. There's lots of running around, lots of hiding, lots of brave speeches in the face of oppression and a few good sword fights. The best, by far, comes at the end when Kahlan arrives and stands side-by-side with Richard to take on (and defeat) the forces of darkness. There is something spine-tinglingly wonderful about seeing the two of them working as a team.

The b-plot was amusing (is Zed a dad?) and it was nicely used to reveal something important about the backstory for the show/characters.


Supernatural. Season 4, Episode 10. "Heaven and Hell" The woman who can hear angels is revealed to be one, and the war rages on...

I was right in my belief that Anna's story would get more interesting in Part Two. However... this is still a pretty weak episode of Supernatural. Anna is revealed to be an angel and the good guys must try and get back her grace. Whatever the heck that is!!

Which is the problem. It's hard/impossible to be completely invested in a search for an abstract concept, especially when most of the regulars don't appear to be too sure about what it is themselves.

Anna, herself, is a troublesome and boring character. Her decision to stop being an angel seems a big vague, and her reasons for wanting to get her grace back are - likewise - vague and aimless. It's hard to be invested in a character who is this annoying and... vague. I'm prepared to like Kate from Lost, but one is my limit!

Dean seems to like her, however, because they make love in the back of his car. The sex scene is long, drawn-out and ridiculous. Like a scene from a parody.

Then there's the threat. Castiel and Uriel want to kill Anna to stop the forces of evil getting their hands on her. That, to me, is a silly reaction when you stop to think about it. It makes little or no sense, so it's hard to take the threat seriously. Instead of being all fearful for the good guys, I was wondering why the angels were being such dicks? Was it just to create story conflict?

Later, Ruby was captured and appeared to turn traitor. Gosh, I wondered, could this all be part of an elaborate trap? Lame.

Finally, there was Dean's big speech about his 40 years in hell. Coming at the end of a weak episode, it failed to impress me. In fact, just like his earlier sex scene, this veered into the territory of parody and made me chuckle on more an one occasion.

Oh dear...

Arrested Development. Episode 5. "Visiting Ours" Michael brings his mother to the prison for a conjugal visit with his father, Gob seduces Kitty (once in the prison) and George Michael visits the prison.

Judy Greer appears as Kitty for the first time. This was my first time to see Greer and I'm now a huge fan, having seen her in various other projects. She makes a fantastic first impression here, paired with Will Arnett for two hilarious 'love scenes'.

Michael Cera continues to generate laughter in episode after episode and - on this viewing, at least - is the one performer I'm enjoying most on the show. His visit to the prison is a series highlight, for me, and I'm especially fond of the scene where a prisoner uses the Stair Car to make an escape.

Highlight? Doctor Who (The story of Elton.)
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