So, this is basically what happens in any typical Game of...

So, this is basically what happens in any typical Game of Thrones episode…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.21

Garret Dillahunt. Because the show (wisely) downplays the romantic subplot, when they actually use it… it makes great episodes. As much as I loved the Jake/Amy story, the single greatest moment in the episode came from Captain Holt and his “I can’t keep a straight face.” Made me cheer. 10/10

Everything you need to know about Orphan Black in 3 animated...

Everything you need to know about Orphan Black in 3 animated gifs.

  • talking scorpion
  • comedy
  • danger

You’re welcome.

Orphan Black 3.4

Alias Smith and Jones 2.21

Wings 4.15

What a great story, showing the close bond between the three main characters. Perfect that it was Brian, not Joe, who suggested the gift for Helen. Does wonders for his character, and leads to a couple of funny scenes between the brothers.
The b-story is also very enjoyable, showing a great sense of camaraderie as all the other characters try out together for parts in a play. There are a couple of funny scenes here, too, but mainly there’s a great sense of friendship between the gang working at the airport. 8/10

Veep 4.3

A strong episode from start to finish. Good story, with laughs all the way from the first minute to the last. Great, witty dialogue for everyone. So many characters to love here: Richard, Mike, Gary, Bill. 9/10

Arrow 3.21

While it is good to see the show (once again) working against it’s own formula (this time by making Oliver the ‘villain’ that the team have to face) this is an episode that doesn’t really advance the story arc. There are great action scenes, and some very strong scenes (performance-wise) for the regulars, but not a lot has changed by the time the closing credits roll. Did we really need to devote an entire episode to the pursuit and capture of Nyssa? 8/10

Made myself a couple of Sledge Hammer! wallpapers.

Made myself a couple of Sledge Hammer! wallpapers.

Sledge Hammer! 1.22

Lance LeGault, Mary Woronov. Even without the amazing ending, justifiably revered as one of the greatest in TV history, this is easily one of the funniest episodes of the series. There are several instances of great physical comedy from David Rasche and Sledge is very much in character, annoying his superiors and disrespecting women at every turn. 10/10

The Flash II 1.22

That was amazing. Just the coolest hour of TV I’ve seen in a long time. So many heroes and villains, so much action… just heaven. And I was delighted to see the show (finally) deal with the moral dilemma of the way they imprison the bad guys. 10/10

The Last Man on Earth 1.7

Not sure we needed a second episode in a row where Phil was being a jerk to Todd. But the sequence in the desert where he was drive away from him was very funny indeed. Hopefully the show soon moves on from the Phil-loves-Melissa storyline. 7/10