Switch 1.8

The Last Man on Earth 1.6

Another good episode, with several comedy highlights. Phil spends most of it being a total jerk, but Will Forte and the script are able to successfully redeem him in the final scene. And raise another hearty laugh or two. 9/10

Johnny Staccato 1.9

Justified 5.11

Hits the ground running with a shoot out and a fallen regular, lots of surprises follow including an awesome murder by Boyd. 10/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.20

Powers 1.5

Superb performances from Eddie Izzard and (in the final scenes) Michelle Forbes. Great action and stuntwork, too. Love the shows visuals. They’ve gone for something not realistic, but every effective. 10/10

Delighted to see Natalie Krill of The Listener guest-starring on...

Delighted to see Natalie Krill of The Listener guest-starring on Orphan Black. Huge fan ever since her hilarious spot on Seed. So talented, so funny.

Orphan Black 3.2

Game Of Thrones 5.3

Doctor Who 32.8

A fast-paced romp, choc full of big ideas and concepts. Some things zip by way too fast, however, and the ending is a bit of a cop out. But it’s nice to have lot of story arc questions finally answered. 8/10

Incredible work by Stephen Amell in this week’s Arrow. He’s...

Incredible work by Stephen Amell in this week’s Arrow. He’s never been better.

Arrow 3.20

Veep 4.2

Michaela Watkins. The Gary/Selina confrontation comes at the end of a very even and funny episode. Big improvement over last week. Really loving Patton Oswalt, great addition to the cast. 9/10

McCloud 11

Agent Carter 1.4

Jack Conley. Nothing really happened in this episode. No action, no story arc development. Nothing. 5/10

The Flash II 1.19

A fun episode! The Barry double was barely used, yet used really well. Mostly for laughs and (maybe) to open the door on a future romantic storyline? There were some strong scenes for Eddie, who has really grown as me as a character since they brought him into the fold. The cliffhanger was magnificent. 9/10

Community 6.5

Brian Van Holt. The A-story takes one idea and runs with it, as far as it can. The results are hit-and-miss, but the funny parts are hysterically funny. The Abed/Annie/Britta b-story isn’t anything special, however. 9/10

Forever Knight 20

Cynthia Belliveau. Two good stories here, which are dark and perfectly complimentary. It’s refreshing to see a supporting character take center-stage and Gary Farmer does a terrific job as the haunted Stonetree. The b-story (Nick’s) isn’t as satisfying as the main one, but it helps keep the episode moving forward. And the main story, while good, is much to straightforward to sustain a  full episode on it’s own. 8/10

The Last Man on Earth 1.5

So damn funny, from start to finish. Show is really leaning into the premise here and making the most of it. And I loved the build up to the arrival of Todd. 10/10

Justified 5.10

Mary Steenburgen, Jeremy Davies. Lot of story development here. Some of what happens is hysterically funny, some of the twists and turns are fascinating to watch, some of the violence is brutal and difficult to watch, and some of the confrontations are incredibly satisfying and clever. All of it is terrific. There’s a feeling here that momentum is growing towards the end of the season. 10/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.19

The typically-hilarious Chris Parnell was the best thing about this across-the-board strong episode. And there was a lovely twist concerning Scully and Hitchcock. 9/10

Christian Walker, Deena Pilgrim, Johnny Royalle, Krispin...

Christian Walker, Deena Pilgrim, Johnny Royalle, Krispin Stockley and Calista Secor are fast becoming my favourite TV characters.

Powers 1.4