About A Boy 1.9

Bebe Wood . In a somewhat stealthy fashion, the show has established a very good ensemble cast. Lot of characters here now to enjoy. 10/10

That ’70s Show 6.12

Alyson Hannigan . Good fun, with Debra Jo Rupp getting some of the biggest laughs. Loved the role reversal scene, too. 6/10

Two Guys and a Girl # 051

Nomar Garciaparra . Ryan Reynolds is excellent as drunk Berg, but the rest of the episode (toaster story) is nothing special. 8/10

Two Guys and a Girl # 050

Childrens Hospital 4.12

Better Call Saul 1.3

Transparent 1.5

Just watched the origin of The Bionic Woman​ on The Six Million...

Just watched the origin of The Bionic Woman​ on The Six Million Dollar Man​ again. Probably the 4th(5th?) time I’ve seen this two-parter in the last fifteen years. And it always blows me away. It’s just so good. Not just by today’s standards (where it can stand side-by-side with any genre show) but by the standards of the times. Speaking as someone who still watches a lot of 60s/70s/80s TV I can confidently state that it blows everything out of the water.

During it’s first three seasons, SMDM was quite a serious drama, and this ‘movie’ illustrates that. Very little action here. Key scenes are between Steve and his mother, and Steve and Oscar. Some of the best scenes, the very emotional ones, have little or no dialogue. Steve finally tells his mother about his bionics, but we hear nothing they say. And in the final scenes, after Jaime has died, she is never mentioned. Instead we see Steve packing up and leaving and everyone trying to be cheerful.

Every time I watch it I notice something new.

One of the best television episodes ever made.

The Six Million Dollar Man 2.20

The Mary Tyler Moore Show 3.14

Alpha House 2.7

Arrow 3.14

The Big Bang Theory 8.15

Bosch 1.2

Jason Gedrick . A new major character is introduced, keeping the story moving forward, even if Bosch himself is up a dead end. 10/10

Banshee 3.7

Susan Misner . Wow, the visuals for this episode were very inventive and really added to the tension and excitement. 10/10

Dead Boss 1.1

I liked this, even if I didn’t exactly love it. Good cast, but some of the jokes didn’t really hit the mark. 6/10

Friday The 13th 2.10

Fables of the Green Forest 03

A straightforward adventure, with Johnny and Polly trapped by Reddy Fox for most of the episode. 6/10

Fargo 1.8

With Bosch, Better Call Saul and X Company finally here, the TV...

With Bosch, Better Call Saul and X Company finally here, the TV landscape for 2015 is looking pretty darn good. Yay!

X Company 1.1

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia 8.10