Rude Awakening 1.8

Matthew Glave. Very different to earlier episodes, with a story driven by Billie being in a film, with a view towards kick-starting her dead career. Still funny, however, and still very dark. Billie’s self-loathing and desperation are never far from the surface. Script is by Marc Cherry. 9/10

Jessica Jones 1.5

Childrens Hospital 5.11

John Gemberling. Best gags: Blake tells Cat he’s the narrator; Chet’s lesbian line; the kiss; the wig; the soldiers; and many more. Consistent funny from start to finish. Also: all the ‘previous on’ clips were real (for a change). 9/10

Superstore 1.5

Natasha Leggero. Best episode so far. Very funny from start to finish. Cast really shine. Lauren Ash had some great moments here, but - in fairness - they all did. 10/10

Arrow 4.12

The Big Bang Theory 9.14

June Squibb, Alessandra Torresani. Two great stories, both filled with big laughs. He was a late starter but, for a long time now, Raj has had the most interesting love life on the show. Very interested in seeing what happens next. 10/10

Todd Margaret 3.4

Fargo 2.4

About A Boy 2.1

Keith Powell. Manages to get Will back to San Francisco and into everyone’s lives, but feels contrived as it does it. 8/10

Treme 4.1

Benched 1.4

Peanuts # 004

You’re in Love, Charlie Brown. An episode devoted to the little red haired girl, which compressed the action into two days. Charlie is even easier to relate to, than normal, in this melancholy tale of unrequited love. He manages, on more than one occasion, to accidentally out his secret feelings to everyone around him and gets mercilessly teased as a consequence. Snoopy barely appears. Charlie is always the focus, except for a brief (dull) bit in the middle where Peppermint Patty shows up. Getting an ending for a story like this was always going to be difficult. We know, of course, that Charlie can never actually talk to the little red-haired girl, never mind actually go out with her. Rather than end on a total downer, the producers to have our plucky little hero find a note at the very end which gives him hope for the future. Slim hope, of course, but it means they can pan away at a (relatively) upbeat moment. 9/10

Sliders 036

Apollonia Kotero. A frantic-paced installment, jam-packed with ideas which (due to some logic flaws) doesn’t quite work as a story, but is certainly fun to watch. So much happens it feels almost like two scripts combined (one where Quinn dies, and one about an Egypt world) and neither gets to shine. The cast, however, do shine. Particularly when the sliders think Quinn is dead. 6/10

Chicago PD 2.18

Justified 6.4

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3.13

Craig Robinson, Niecy Nash. Very funny episode. 3 strong storylines. Loved the ending to the Captain Holt storyline. Great ‘Aw…’ moment. 10/10

Gotham 2.5

Jessica Jones 1.4

Jessica Hecht.

  • Lots happening here.
    • A case-of-the-week.
    • Trish & Will bond.
    • Other Kilgrave victims come out of the woodwork.
  • But, on the whole, it doesn’t really feel like the story arc moves forward.


Superstore 1.4

Took a while to get going, but by the second half I was laughing a lot. Great cast chemistry, and all the storylines were strong. 9/10

Salem 1.3

The X-Files 10.2

Much more story-driven than 10.1 but less focused overall. It didn’t really start properly until the final third when Mulder and Scully spoke with Jackie Goldman. From that point forward, the episode was very good: giving us a perfect X-Files ‘villain’. 9/10

Ash vs Evil Dead 1.4

Hemky Madera. Quite a lot of references in this one to the 1981 movie that kick-started the entire franchise. We also see more of Lucy Lawless and learn a little about her character. Plus hints of something she doesn’t want to reveal. This week’s battle takes place in a dream realm. And we leave the story mid-battle. 9/10

The Greatest American Hero 3.6

André the Giant.

  • A clever story with some great ideas and funny lines.
  • It opens with Bill’s apparent death and a funeral. Connie Sellecca plays is straight (and excellently so) but the scene gets more and more amusing the longer it goes on.
  • When Ralph figures out the deception, the mystery deepens and the audience is kept wondering for quite a long while. Robert Culp is on top form here, spitting out one-liners every time he opens his mouth.
  • Patrick Hasburgh‘s script is wonderfully logical, as Ralph and Pam go about tracking Bill to Mexico in a very practical way. Pam takes a plane, while Ralph files directly. In fits and starts, stopping a lot along the way.
  • One of the cleverest aspects of the story occurs when the villains blackmail Bill into helping them track one of their own: an escaped scientist played by the great Dennis Lipscomb.
  • There’s a lovely character moment when Pam is flying with Ralph and asks about who else has flown with him. Honestly, this script has everything!
  • We are quite far into the story when the three main characters are reunited. The show really zings when they are together, but it’s nice to see an episode maintain such high quality when they are apart.
  • The battle at the end is terrific. It really works. I just wish it had lasted longer. A bit like the episode itself.


Toast Of London 1.4

Daisy Ridley. Aimless, overall, but there are some good laughs, particularly concerning the Prince Philip, Scoundrel Dog film. I was hoping for more of a pay-off with some of those running gags. 8/10