The Slap Maxwell Story 1.12

Career Achievement Award. Some great scenes here: Slap’s self-created fate looms heavily over the first two-thirds of the episode. Brian SmiarMegan Gallagher and Susan Anspach get some great scenes. 9/10

Baywatch # 030

Lisa Rinna. Once again the show tackles a socially-relevant storyline. This time with mixed-results. While the tale of the overweight girl veers perilously close to mawkish, the real problem with it is that the character just vanishes from the episode before the end. Her story is left unresolved. Her purpose being, it seems, to allow Shauni to realise her feelings for Eddie. Unsatisfying.
Meanwhile, there’s a humourous b-story about a dog. Some of the jokes work. Most fall flat.


Alias Smith and Jones 2.23

Jack Elam, Mills Watson, Michele Lee. It’s a bit muddled at the start, and takes a while to get going, but the ending is clever and funny. Some jokes fall flat during the hour, but there are several laugh-out-loud moments. 9/10

Parks And Recreation 7.7

Wedding. Strong episode across the board with good scenes for Donna, Ron, Ben and - especially - April. 8/10

Are You Being Served? 3.6

Joanna Lumley. Very funny. And lots of fun. Later seasons relied too heavily on the gimmick of the cast dressing up as a source for comedy, but this early episode compliments that with several hilarious one-liners and some great turns by the regulars. It’s just a hugely enjoyable episode from start to finish. Wonderfully sexist and racist in that adorable 1970s way :) 9/10

Episodes 4.4

Not much TV stuff this time around. Mostly just two oddly sweet love stories unfolding before our eyes. Great performances all round. And some quality laughs, too. 9/10

Parks And Recreation 7.6

The Tom/Donna b-story falls flat but the main plot brings satisfying resolution to the ongoing park storyline. Enjoyable but not especially funny. The only real laughs I got were from Billy Eichner as Craig, who only had a couple of lines. 7/10

The Wonder Woman tv series didn’t have on-screen titles...

The Wonder Woman tv series didn’t have on-screen titles for every episode. But I fixed that! :) Just for the purposes of making these wallpapers.

The Rockford Files 5.8

Dale Robinette. Wonderful episode, which inverts key elements of the show’s status quo: Angel an influential power-player? Chapman working with Rockford?!! Coupled with the fact that (recently-promoted) Becker is now a lieutenant and you have an episode that feels like a lot has changed in Jim’s world.
The story-of-the-week is strong: A crime with a surprising murder at the mid-point.
The villains don’t get much screentime, but they get enough so that there is considerable satisfaction is seeing Jim methodically and cleverly track them down. And get them arrested.
Highlight of the episode? Any/All of the scenes with Jim and Chapman. Hilarious. James Luisi is on top form.


My fave dialogue from The Last Man on Earth 1.12 written by Matt...

My fave dialogue from The Last Man on Earth 1.12 written by Matt Marshall.

The Last Man on Earth 1.12

Just a delight from start to finish. Now that everyone has someone to hate, the laughs never stop. And the dialogue? OMG, so many killer lines! 10/10

Which TV show has the best action sequences?

Which TV show has the best action sequences?