Orphan Black 4.4

  • No matter how much sci-fi or conspiracy stuff there is in a typical episode, this remarkable show never loses sight of the heartfelt human emotions driving the characters. There were many touching moments in this hilarious and dark revenge-driven tale. It was cool seeing Ferdinand end up on a bomb, but the real highlights were the scenes where Alison or Donnie talked about their efforts to have a baby, where Helena left, where MK talked about her past, etc.
  • The show never loses sight of the comedy either. So much to love here. Donnie and Felix undercover as a couple? Yes, that was awesome. But the Donnie/Alison phone sex scene is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Ever.


The Last Ship 3.8

Deadbeat 3.2

Dark Matter 2.8

  • What a fun romp that was! Covering the tropes one would expect in a parallel universe story.
  • Why wasn’t it a 2-parter? The extra hour would have given them room to breathe, slowed the pace and allowed them to play with the alternate reality a bit more.
  • As it was, all we really got was a whistle-stop tour of the characters and situations. They could have done much more.
  • Who did they bring back? Hopefully One. Maybe Wexler, as that would be cool. Either would open up story possibilities. Maybe both?


I’ve waited four years to hear Angie say the famous...

I’ve waited four years to hear Angie say the famous Columbo line :)

Motive 4.10

Missy Peregrym, Ian Tracey, Aly Michalka. An exceptionally well-crafted story by Damon Vignale. Multiple twists. Very emotional, very powerful. A tear-jerker. I had guessed the main twist right from the start and felt rather proud of myself, but still totally engrossed in the unfolding story. Both twists at the end caught me by surprise. Flawless performances from everyone. The b-story, the story arc, has been a thriller all season and this installment was no exception. Quite a final scene, too. 10/10

How I feel about the influences on Stranger Things: The Goonies...

How I feel about the influences on Stranger Things:

  • The Goonies - hated it.
  • E.T. - hated it.
  • Poltergeist - vaguely remember it.
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind - vaguely remember being bored by it.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street - hated it.
  • Carrie - vaguely remember it.
  • Firestarter - vaguely remember it.
  • Stand by Me - hated it.
  • War Games - hated it.
  • The John Hughes Oeuvre - vaguely remember parts of it. Not my thing.
  • The Thing - loved it.
  • Evil Dead - loved it.

Stranger Things 1.3

Fargo 2.9

Suddenly we have a narrator? Okay. Plus the UFO returns. And how. Mostly, however, this is just a lengthy gun battle. The episode is largely driven by one trope: one good cop can’t get his idiot superiors to listen to him. We’ve seen this done many times, and Fargo does a fine job with it. We are introduced to a lot of new characters here. All of them are stupid cops. Stupid in various ways, and all of them are unwilling to listen to Patrick Wilson‘s Lou. They even run him out of the state! Of course we know where this is going, and the show doesn’t disappoint. The third act is one long gun battle and a couple of the main character die. During the carnage, I realised that I actually kinda liked crazy Peggy and her dumb husband and began rooting for them to escape and survive. Which they did. 9/10

Masters Of Sex 3.8

  • Back on form after an odd misfire (gorilla) with the Libby storyline being particularly heartfelt and affecting.
  • Great to see an episode devoted to Virginia and Dan. Josh Charles is a great addition to the show and Dan seems like a great guy.
  • The Betty/Austin/Helen tracked as expected, but was still a fun ride from start to finish. Great showdown between Betty and Bill.
  • Hope we see more of Rob Benedict as Jonathan. Those couple of scenes with Barton hold the promise of a good storyline to come.
  • As does the debut of Emily Kinney as Nora. What’s her story?


Arrow 4.15

Megalyn Echikunwoke.

  • A lot of screentime is devoted to contrived Felicity/William storyline, which is unconvincing. The ultimatum delivered by Samantha way back seemed like a lazy for the writers to create conflict between Oliver and Felicity and now here we are: the payoff.
  • Beyond that, I enjoyed seeing Vixen on the show and it was refreshing to see our heroes finally get the upper hand on Damien Darhk.
  • The Thea/Malcolm scene at the end was good.


Childrens Hospital 6.6

Lindsay Sloane. Just one story this time, but what a clever and funny story. Getting better with each crazy layer. Perfect. 10/10

Justified 6.12

Shea Whigham. Astonishingly good. Maybe their second best episode? Certainly top three. An hour of carefully-orchestrated chaos on the mountain. Delighted to see Constable Bob back on the show, and he was so well used in the story. This was a intense, dramatic hour. With of lot of witty dialogue and laughs. All the best scenes were Boyd scenes. 10/10

Major Crimes 5.8

  • Jonathan Slavin was brilliant, all the Rusty scenes were great and the case-of-the-week allowed for lighthearted moments.
  • I particularly enjoyed Sanchez’s repetition of “Very Vanilla.”
  • There was a top notch guest cast here, not just Slavin but also Sherilyn Fenn, Missi Pyle and Wendy Davis.
  • But those Rusty scenes stole the episode.


I hope we see more of Zora and Calista as a team on Powers...

I hope we see more of Zora and Calista as a team on Powers season 2.

Powers 2.3

The Jim Gaffigan Show 2.4

The Last Ship 3.7

No gun battles this week but relentless tension (at sea) and two shocking story developments (on land). Show feel more like 24 than ever, with half the episode having focus on Chandler and half putting the American President front and center. Plus we have a compelling mystery (regarding what went wrong with the cure). 10/10

Jessica Jones 1.11

Dark Matter 2.6

Mr. Robot 1.10

Some frustrating storytelling choices here. The time-jump is one. The unanswered questions is another. Plus nothing actually happened. Still a good show, but this season finale is worrying. 8/10