The Incredible Hulk 3.1

  • Mackenzie Phillips, one of the show’s best-ever guest stars has terrific chemistry with Bill Bixby in this one.
  • David Banner’s decency and genuine empathy for his fellow human beings shines through in this story. One cannot help but admire him and the way he conducts himself.
  • As happens from time to time on the show, there are no real ‘bad guys’ in the episode.
  • Both Hulk sequences are among the best the show ever did. First we see him under the influence of drugs and later we see him ‘entertaining’ the crowd as a concert.
  • Good music in this one. Not just the songs that Lisa Swan sings/plays but the score is good, too.
  • Strong McGee scenes here. He shows up without warning and that’s a shock. He gets close to Banner more than once. Lots of tension.
  • Phillips pretty much steals the episode from everybody, but Katherine Cannon and Gary Graham are good, too.


Game Of Thrones 6.5

Ania Bukstein.

  • The final third overshadowed everything else, but right from scene one this was one of the best episodes. The Daenerys/Joran scene alone was a highlight of the series so far. The Sansa/Littlefinger scene not far behind.
  • This has been an impressive season, notably for moving the big storylines along in almost every episode. Bodes well for the future (only 18 episodes left now).
  • Great ending. Rewarding to see something come together so well.


Motive 4.3

Brittney Wilson. Very busy episode, with a good story/motive and a heck of a lot of ‘very special episode’-type things happening: new recurring character arriving, while one departs, and beloved regular hovering close to death. All good stuff, even if it distracted slightly from a strong case. 9/10

The Big Bang Theory 9.21

An episode that drew attention to, but didn’t really do much with, divisions within the group. The reappearance of Howard’s nut allergy seemed like a cop-out ending. 8/10

T.J. Hooker 1.3

  • Fairly basic story which gets repetitive before the end.
  • High point is probably the closing action sequence.
  • This one was clearly designed to air as episode two and it reinforces Hooker’s political views quite a lot. But they don’t come across as well as they did in the pilot.
  • And the story strain credulity by getting the hero’s daughter involved.


The Rockford Files 5.10

Mary Frann, Steven Bauer. Solid mystery, good story, with a strong start and a contrived/rushed ending. The first two-thirds gradually reveal more and and more information and engage the viewer, as we wonder what’s really going on and whether the Frann character is really behind it. Her scene with Garner, towards the end, is a highpoint in the episode but sadly signals a downtown in quality, as everything beings to rapidly fall into place. And a brand new character starts explaining his plan and his motivations. 7/10

The Last Man on Earth 2.16

  • I don’t think there’s ever been an episode that so brilliantly conveys what an odd group of people this is. The world they have built for themselves is insane.
  • Mary Steenburgen gets all the best lines here.
  • GREAT cliffhanger.


Just Shoot Me! # 004

Love David Spade, love Finch, but this episode drags. Not enough story/gags. The Nina b-story is one-note. The visual gag gets it’s one laugh early one, and repeated it doesn’t yield new laughs. 6/10

Game Of Thrones 6.4

Excellent. Not just story arc developments, but story arc developments that are deeply satisfying to see.

  • Brothers and sisters reuniting was a theme.
  • Old enemies joining forces was a theme, too.
  • Mostly, it was just an episode where many of the characters we love were clever and/or awesome.


Angie Tribeca 1.4

Best episode so far.

  • John Michael Higgins is a terrific guest star, very funny.
  • And the show’s commitment to silliness is remarkable.
  • Also: some of the show’s recurring gags/tropes are starting to bear fruit.
  • More screentime for Deon Cole this time. Also a good thing.
  • Best gag? Probably the trying-to-get-the-phone-number-written-down one. Loved that. But any of the jokes revolving around the tiny apartment were excellent as well.


The Rockford Files 5.9

  • A perfectly-cast Kathryn Harrold dominates a suspenseful and intelligent 2-hour movie written by David Chase.
  • All of the scenes where Harrold’s are being menaced/threatened are genuinely unnerving.
  • There are two twists in the second hour, concerning the John Pleshette character. Both are excellently thought out, and both allow the characters (specifically Jim) to be smart and get ahead of the script/viewer.
  • James Garner has strong chemistry with his leading lady, and it’s easy to see them as a couple that could go the distance.


Masters Of Sex 3.5

Frances Fisher, Michael O'Keefe.

  • Another tour de force performance from Allison Janney. What a heartfelt, beautiful storyline this is. And what a wonderful character Margaret Scully is. So glad we get to witness her journey.
  • Some brilliant comedy in this episode. Even in the midst of some very dark moments (like when Bill confronted the 13-year-old bully).
  • Great speech from Bill at the end.


Red Rock 1.6

Back on form here, with storyline advancements (a new job for Katie) and a new storyline (stolen money), as well. This new arc also has Katie in the middle of it, and illustrates one problem the show may have going forward (a hell of a lot of crimes involving the same small group of people!). But the cast and characters have won me over, and I look forward to each new episode. 8/10

Jessica Jones 1.7

  • The opening scenes are as dark and intense as anything I’ve seen. The ‘hero’ threatening an innocent? The off-camera murder of a series regular early in the episode? Not even a quarter of the way into the episode and the viewer is shocked and uncertain.
  • Jessica’s go-to-prison-plan makes sense from a character point of view, but not much sense from a TV-series POV so, again, the viewer is unsure as what is actually going to happen.
  • Kilgrave’s arrival (and the face-to-face chat) is top tier storytelling. To it’s considerable credit, the show has created an apparently unstoppable villain. And, to make it extra scary, his motivation is firmly grounded in reality.
  • Makes for uncomfortable viewing. In the best sense.


Red Rock 1.5

Not as strong as the first four episodes.

  • Some scenes, such as the one with the Kileys attacking the undertaker, are just too silly to work. Feels more like something that would happen in a broad sitcom.
  • If the show wants to establish these characters as a credible threat then nonsense like that doesn’t help.
  • Apart from that, in the other stories, there were some interesting ideas in the mix.


Game Of Thrones 6.3

Not as much development as previous episode, but that would be expecting too much. You can’t have major leaps forward on a constant basis. At least with this installment we get visits with most main characters and all are very interesting. Some make it clear that changes are (probably/hopefully) coming soon.

Best bits?

  • The trips back in time are proving to a highlight.
  • Really enjoyed the Varys and Tyrion scenes. Not so much for their story arc advancement, but simply for the great performances from both actors.
  • Jonathan Pryce is probably the best actor on the show now.
  • The Jon Snow / Arya Stark / Daenerys Targaryen sequences played out in very, very, very predictable fashion. Enjoyable to watch, yes, but the show probably needs to move on - rapidly - in these storylines.


Caroline In The City # 005

Tim Conlon. Pretty solid episode, with an okay story and some very witty lines dotted about the place. 7/10

Falcon Crest 1.12

Back in 1993, RTÉ were censoring Beverly Hills 90210 and...

  • Back in 1993, RTÉ were censoring Beverly Hills 90210 and Baywatch. I was not best pleased and wrote them a letter or three on the subject.
  • Back in the 80s they used to cut The Hitchhiker to ribbons, too.
  • And later in the 90s, the BBC were chopping off parts of the The X-Files. Sigh.

G vs E # 003

  • This one has a great cast, including Taylor Negron and Steve Valentine. Both are superb here, bringing their own special genius to the show.
  • It’s an episode largely driven by guest characters, with Chandler and Henry getting reduced screentime. Mostly they just show up in a variety of bad wigs.
  • But it doesn’t matter. The show still looks and feels utterly cool. Very much it’s own beast, unlike anything else on TV: Quirky humour, striking visuals, ineffectual heroes…
  • In many ways, it could be a story from an anthology.


Banshee 4.3

  • One of the ongoing story arcs is resolved, with two big action scenes. Satisfying.
  • The rest of the episode seems to be concerned with suffering. We opened with Job being tortured in captivity, and then that was followed with Kurt Bunkers’ various woes. Later, we saw Kai trying to fill the void left by the murder of Rebecca.


The Twilight Zone II 3.17

The first two-thirds successfully engages the audience by keeping us in suspense as to the exact nature of the Steve Kanaly character. And once that is revealed, the final third keeps up guessing as to what he is going to do. Nice simple story that works. 9/10

Swamp Thing 09

Roscoe Lee Browne. Another episode that isn’t Jim-centric (in fact he doesn’t appear). This one is structured more as you would expect from a show called “Swamp Thing” in that - for a change - ST is central to the story and the focus on on his ongoing war with Dr. Arcane. It’s not a good story, a real make-it-up-as-you-go feeling pervades, but Browne is worth watching and it’s a change to see ST actually behaving like a protagonist. 4/10

Red Rock 1.4

Best episode so far, with India Mullen being particularly good. Katie emerging as my favourite character, at the moment. The b-story was better than the ongoing arc, too. 9/10

The Last Man on Earth 2.15

  • What a fantastic episode.
  • Hilarious, thanks to Will Forte.
  • But also really dark.
  • Todd’s speech was magnificent.
  • Conclusion was really touching, too.