Dark Matter 2.13

Bosch 2.4

A gripping episode dominated not by detective work but by the conspiracy building up around the murder and - in the b-story - the politics surrounding the upcoming election. Utterly riveting and when the credits rolled I did not want it to be over so soon. 10/10

The Good Wife 5.10

  • This Christmas episode about two wills is a reminder of how dignified and classy a heroine Alicia really is. There were some great scenes, like the early ones with Damian Boyle, showing us (again) how Alicia behaves in the face of rude and/or intrusive behaviour. She’s a class act. 
  • The highlight of this 100th episode was surely the lengthy question-and-answer session that took place inside Will’s head. Truly great writing, and an amazing performance from Josh Charles. So sad.


Daredevil 2.4

  • Very impressed with the way the new season is structured. These four episodes told one specific story, but each was distinct and different to the others and moved the story forward by changing the implied status quo a lot. Yet, these drastic changes always seemed natural. Between 2.3 and 2.4 we are being presented with a very different Frank Castle and his relationship with Matt by the time we reach ending here is very different to where it was last week. The distance covered here roughly approximates what I assumed the entire season would look like! Doing it all in a four-episode arc at the start of the season? Very, very confident storytelling indeed.
  • Jon Bernthal shone in this episode, it must be said, and the action scenes were brutal.


Red Dwarf 11.1

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.1

A great episode bringing the show back to what it is, at it’s core: Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher. Watching this, particularly the mid section where the two characters fought, I was reminded of the excitement I felt when the show was first announced. I was captivated by the these two actors sharing screentime. I could only imagine how awesome that would be. Then the show arrived, and surpassed my expectations. And here were are, three years later, and it is better than ever. This was very, very funny. Especially when Jake showed up at Holt’s workplace and took the job. The next scenes were wonderful. Highlight of the episode. And I love the way that, despite the comedy, we can see how much these two really care for one another. 10/10

Orphan Black 4.6

Great performances from Tatiana Maslany and great storytelling bringing many threads to heartbreaking conclusion. With the Evie Cho revelation this could have worked as a season finale. Heck, it could even have worked as a series finale if you wanted to see a downbeat ending where the good guys lost (!!). Because of all the finality, it’s actually hard to imagine where the story goes next. And that is very exciting. 10/10

Deadbeat 3.6

Steven Boyer. One of their cleverest and funniest episodes. Several ingenious storytelling moments here. Plus hilarity. 10/10

The Last Ship 3.12

That train-heist sequence, in the middle of this episode, was as exhilarating as anything I’ve seen anywhere. And the storytelling is daring and thought-provoking. Particularly in this episode, with it’s portrayal of the ordinary people and the members of the armed services. On an action-adventure level, the show has created superb villains this season and I long to see them defeated by Tom Chandler and the crew of the Nathan James. So much so that I am torn about when I want to see it done. The show usually ends the main story arc at the end of the season, but this time I kinda wish the story would continue into season four. 10/10

Veep 5.8

Great to see Sally Phillips back on the show. Several great scenes with Julia Louis-Dreyfus who was at her best here, in a script which made use of mistaken assumptions and confusion in a way the show never does. Being away from Washington also made this feel like an episode from a very different show. Still funny, though. 10/10

Dark Matter 2.12


  • Alex Mallari Jr. carries the episode brilliantly. This version of his character is riveting to watch. Especially as he interacts with the various members of the Raza crew.
  • Ongoing storylines which have been dangling are brought to fruition here. This was well mapped out and executed.
  • And there are some brutal shocks, too. Particularly that final minute…


Bosch 2.3

Things to love:

  • Amy Aquino is really shining this season. I want to see her in a spin-off.
  • The chemistry between family members is off-the-chart. Scenes with Bosch’s family, and scenes with Irving’s family, are warm and real.
  • The case gets more absorbing every week. Eleanor is involved?!
  • Annie Wersching was back! Yay!
  • Really starting to care about George, and worry for him.


The Good Wife 5.9

This was a brilliant episode. Great, fascinating case-of-the-week and so much other good stuff. Funny stuff. Broad comedy. But also a clever storyline for Jackie, showing her taking on an old nemesis. And, best of all, Jason O'Mara made his debut as a shady lawyer. How long will he be around for? 10/10

Daredevil 2.3

The first two-thirds of this are an intense, intelligent debate between the two heroes. Followed in the final third by a stunning fight sequence between DD and a lot of big, angry men. Both Foggy and Karen get scenes in their own subplots. And both of them impress. A lot. 10/10

Futurama 062

The ‘global warming’ storyline kinda limits what they can do, but there are some good laughs from Bender and Farnsworth. 8/10

Masters Of Sex 3.9

  • More quality soap opera, with strong undercurrents of sadness and longing. Plus a healthy dose of humour in unexpected places.
  • The best scene was probably the one where Johnny approached Dennis in the playground. This has been a consistently excellent storyline all season long.
  • Nora’s story played out in predictable fashion, but terrific heartfelt performance from Emily Kinney.
  • I enjoy watching Bill learn and grow. He’s such a flawed, arrogant character. Yet, he does occasionally take steps in the right direction. Small ones.
  • MVP: Annaleigh Ashford. So funny.


Major Crimes 5.10

The highlight here was definitely the sight of Buzz opening a can of whupass on Hecht. Aside from that: it was a simple, engrossing case-of-the-week moving from a to b to c with deliberation. Quality storytelling. 9/10

Powers 2.5

  • The first episode to really play with the conspiracy angle.
  • Good scenes for Michael Madsen and Enrico Colantoni as both of their characters enter the storyline more fully.
  • The best scenes, however, revolved around the main cast. Zora (rapidly becoming my favourite character on the show) and Calista got lots of material showing us more about their characters, while Christian and Deena were put through the standard conspiracy tropes. And looked cool doing it.


The Jim Gaffigan Show 2.7

  • The three-part story builds to a lovely punchline. Very funny.
  • Highlight: the typing montage was hilarious.
  • Did this need to be 3 episodes, I wonder? The first one was the weakest and was basically just a set-up for the two that followed.


Deadbeat 3.5

Some funny ideas and a clever ending but it never quite sparks the way the best episodes do. Great to see Lauren Adams back as Carol. Hope we see more of her. And I’m enjoying the story arc with the other medium. 8/10

The Last Ship 3.11

One of the show’s best characters returns after a season away, in time for an adrenaline rush hour of action and story developments/endings. Moving forward, the phrase “Last Ship” takes on a whole new meaning. 10/10

Dark Matter 2.11

  • Another fast-paced episode, with lots of action/adventure and some good Five/Three scenes.
  • The Six/Two conversation at the end was very interesting indeed. Best thing in the episode. Promises a cohesion moving forward that season two has lacked.
  • The Four-centric episode I was expecting this week is obviously coming up next.


Bosch 2.2

Bosch is great because of the story, the pace, the visuals, the soundtrack and - especially - Titus Welliver but the peripherals are superb, too:

  • Supporting characters with compelling storylines.
  • Performers like Amy Aquino, Jeri Ryan and Lance Reddick mean the show is gripping even when TW isn’t on screen.
  • Hints of an interesting b-story this season about our hero’s mother.


The Good Wife 5.8

Solid case-of-the-week instead of the ‘new firm’ drama that has driven the season so far. Good scenes for Robyn. Great to see America Ferrera back on the show, and really enjoyed the scenes with her character and Eli. 9/10

Daredevil 2.2

Another flawless episode, advancing the story a lot and giving us a terrific fight scene at the end. McCaleb Burnett is great casting. Great use of Foggy in several scenes. 10/10

From Dusk Till Dawn 3.2