Orphan Black 4.2

Back-on-form episode (after a lacklustre opener) which gives us plenty of the characters/story that we love. There are laughs aplenty with Alison, and intrigue aplenty with Sarah as she discovers various new things (all rather unpleasant). I love the conceit of Art watching all the video footage of Beth. Clever. 10/10

The Last Ship 3.4

Deadbeat 3.1

Veep 5.5

Peter MacNicol. Great developments for Dan and Jonah. Very exciting storylines ahead. 10/10

Dark Matter 2.3

Enjoyable Five-centric story, making use of the show’s backstory to tell a novel story. I’m still grappling with the fact that One is apparently really gone (as in really dead). And Six is missing from this episode, as well. So, with them gone and three new ‘regular characters’, the show kinda feels like it has gotten a major reboot. 9/10

Motive 4.7

Christina Cox, Dylan Bruce. Clever script twists the show’s formula but still delivers the sort of terrific case-of-the-week, with strong twist at the end, that could appear on any episode. 10/10

Banshee 4.7

Hood and Brock back as a team, the way it should be. Terrific performances from Antony Starr and Matt Servitto and a great ending to the serial killer story arc. 10/10

Fargo 2.7

  • Three of the best main characters don’t appear at all.
  • The Simone scenes are too long (as if the show takes a sadistic pleasure in killing her off), while the Betsy scenes are genuinely sad.


Mr. Robot 1.8

BD Wong.

  • Some big (and shocking) revelations at the end of this episode.
  • Wish they had dealt with last week’s cliffhanger, however.
  • The Tyrell storyline suddenly seems as wildly out-of-control as he himself has become.


Major Crimes 5.4

Justified 6.10

  • Another episode with so much tension it feels like a ‘final episode’. Plus a couple of great twists. One in particular is deeply shocking.
  • In these final episodes of a great run the show has managed (in Jonathan Tucker‘s Boon) to introduce one of the best bad guys they’ve ever created. Chilling.


Powers 2.1

The Jim Gaffigan Show 2.2

The Last Ship 3.3

  • A lengthy and rousing action sequence at the end of the episode, plus some real bravery from a couple of minor characters (Miller and Ray) are the highlights here.
  • Plus Devon Gummersall shows up. That’s always a good thing.


Veep 5.4

While this is funny in places, it lacks the sparkle of the show’s best episodes. With her mother’s death, the focus is very much on Selina and we can see (with a lot less subtlety than in most episodes) just what a terrible person she truly is. 9/10

Dark Matter 2.2

That ’70s Show 6.18

Jim Rash. Another episode based around the war of the sexes, with Red helping Eric find a way to outwit Donna and get out of wedding chores. Good b-story, too. Funny. 8/10

Fargo 2.6

The show’s penchant for self-conscious quirkiness gets in the way somewhat, but there is a lot to enjoy here. Lengthy dramatic stand-offs and various characters meeting for the first time. 9/10

Mr. Robot 1.7

A strong episode for all characters/stories with a truly great final scene between Elliot and his psychiatrist. It was a scene that blew the rest of the episode away, despite several standout moments all over the place. 10/10

Frasier 9.5

Halloween. Really clever and funny. Also deep and meaningful as it dives into the Crane family relationships in a surprisingly unflattering way. 10/10

Orphan Black 4.1

A strange, somewhat unsatisfying start to the new season. Jumping backwards in time to before the first episode. Odd. It basically means we spend the whole episode with a character we don’t know very well and, while we do learn a few things that seemingly impact on where the show is now, a lot of the action seems irrelevant and inconsequential. Frustrating, because we don’t get to see the character(s) and situation that we love. And we desperately want the story to move forward. Not this… 7/10

The Jim Gaffigan Show 2.1

Jerry Seinfeld.

  • What a wonderful, sweet, intelligent, hilarious opening episode. 
  • Love the friendship that has developed between Jim and his priest. That duo alone could sustain a TV show.


The Last Ship 3.2

Dichen Lachman. Plenty of action and badass moments (particularly in the clever/satisfying final act) as the new story arc slowly takes shape. 9/10