The Last Ship 1.10

Alfre Woodard. Superb finale which resolves much, establishes a new storyline and has a lot of sad scenes amid the twists and action. 10/10

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes # 024

Most of it is really just a slugfest, but in the final third a good story starts to emerge and the ending is solid. 8/10

The Mary Tyler Moore Show 3.13

Hospital. There are some lovely Lou/Ted scenes in this one. Very funny. But it takes too long to get going. The b-story (Mary/Murray) isn’t particularly strong and it gets too much screentime. Once Ted and Lou start to bond the episode is really enjoyable, but it’s also nearly over! And, after that, whenever we move away from the burgeoning friendship it is annoying. Because that’s what we want to see. 7/10

The Six Million Dollar Man 3.5

John Fujioka. Nice story, with a lot of care and attention given to the development of the Kuroda character since we last saw him, and his friendship with Steve. The bad guys don’t impact too much on the story, and it’s the only element of the episode that doesn’t really work. 7/10

Alpha House 1.10

Ted King . Quite lackluster. Only Louis gets a proper story. Everything else feels like filler and re-thread of stuff we’ve seen earlier in the season. There are funny scenes, moments and ideas. But overall it lacks much of what makes this show great most weeks. 7/10

Doctor Who 30.18

Timothy Dalton. Too slow and too self-important and self-indulgent. There’s no story, no storytelling and what happens on-screen is two-thirds incomprehensible and one-third manipulative. Performances are good, but it’s a weak ending to a great Doctor. 4/10

Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 # 021

Kyle Howard. Really OTT silly. Not every gag works, but it’s nice to see Robin back and development in the June/Mark arc. 8/10

Damn, Midnight Caller is SO GOOD.

Damn, Midnight Caller is SO GOOD.

Midnight Caller 1.5

  • Trapping Jack in a bank hostage situation seems like such a lazy way to start a story, but it rapidly becomes a type of episode unique to this show. An episode with something to say.

  • The guest performances from Matt Clark and Will Bledsoe are excellent.

  • The juxtaposition between the actual event and the TV news portrayal is a bit too heavy handed to be fully successful, but the intent is so meaningful and sincere that it does a lot to make up for the shortcomings in the execution.

  • Jack is perfectly in character here: butting in and generally being a nuisance.

  • The closing monologue is particularly strong here. And Gary Cole is flawless in his delivery. You really feel that you are watching a special type of television storytelling here.


Sliders 032

Dan Gauthier. Painfully silly story, but some of the cast are good. Particularly Victoria Mahoney and John Rhys-Davies, who effortlessly rises above the material (and some unconvincing guest actors) to be mesmerising in almost every scene. The man is a star. 5/10

Flashpoint 59

Aaron Douglas, Benjamin Ayres. Story is too convoluted, but (from the halfway point of the episode #) it gets so powerful and dark that it really doesn’t matter anymore. By the end, I wasn’t worried about how credible/likely the set-up was, I was just gripped/enthralled by the quality character work on Parker, and the heartbreaking ending. 10/10

The Good Wife 3.20

Julianne Nicholson. The case-of-the-week is fine, but it pales beside all the dramatic things happening to the regular characters. In that regard it is an episode of non-stop high points. And what about Matthew Perry? Gosh, but he makes for a truly despicable villain. I shouted ‘bastard!’ at the screen at one stage. Wow. 10/10

Enlisted 1.13

Funny (with some really brilliant gags) but mainly this is a serious and emotional final episode. Powerful. Wonderful. 10/10

The Rockford Files 5.1

Taylor Lacher . Fairly typical crime story, with some great characters and some great comedy and drama for them. This is one of the best episodes for Rocky, as we see him in bad shape at the start of the story and very much in need in Jim’s help. But, even the new character of the singer manages to get under our skin very quickly and - by episode’s end - we really do care about his fate and whether his marriage will survive. Good stuff. 8/10

The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd 19

Peter Donat . There’s one truly great scene (where Moss kisses Molly) but the rest is rather disjointed, all these characters from other episodes makes it feel almost like a clip-show. More of the stuff between Moss and Molly would have been welcome. 8/10

The Mind Of The Married Man 1.6

Pregnant!. An example of everything that is superb about this show. Funny, honest, thoughtful, sexy, fun, heartfelt, touching. No matter which it is trying for, the show succeeds. 10/10

Abigail Spencer's hair in Rectify is PERFECT. That is all....

Abigail Spencer's hair in Rectify is PERFECT. That is all. #crush

Newsreaders 1.5

Gay Camp. Definitely clever, but not funny. And needlessly offensive. Seems like a huge misfire from a usually good show. 2/10

Orange Is The New Black 1.5

Chicken. Very silly story, but the characters are still a reason to watch and care. And some of the one-liners are hilarious. 8/10

Rectify 2.4

Frances Fisher. Another powerful and moving episode. Daniel’s simple lie bringing unbearable tension to simple scenes. 10/10

Bent 1.4

Wedding. Not major laughs, but the characters positively sizzle together and there’s great fun in watching them interact. 8/10

Kojak 3.13

Eileen Brennan. Lackluster episode designed to spin off a series starring Vincent Gardenia as a Las Vegas cop raising his nephew. Kinda boring. I miss Theo and the gang. 4/10

The Tick # 003

Dinosaur Neil. Some good gags, and nice character work, but it moves very slowly. Particularly the second half. 6/10

Eagleheart 1.9

Peter Woodward . Not enough Chris Monsanto in this one. Brett Mobley is funny, but not when in the spotlight. Did love the stuff with the pencils. 5/10

Chicago PD 1.7

There are some great moments here (as Dawson goes up against Voight, who is trying to cover for his dumb son). But it doesn’t pack the emotional punch it should. Probably because when the show gets ‘gritty’, it comes off as a lightweight version of The Shield.

Robin Weigert is miscast. It doesn’t help the show. 7/10

Major Crimes 3.6

Jane Doe #38. A standard case-of-the-week is raised to being something special by the boundless humanity of the regular characters. They shine. And the show shines when it shows us that they care.

In other news: the show delivers another quality Sharon/Rusty story.

Magnificent. 10/10