Mystery Science Theater 3000 6.13

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die .

  • Mike’s first film!

  • My favourite gags were probably the ‘other dimension’ ones, every time we had a close-up on Jason Evers .

  • Pretty much everyone in the actual movie is bad. Except Virginia Leith . She’s actually pretty damn good. It’s such a shame the script is dreadful.


The Good Wife 4.17

Rene Auberjonois . Engrossing, clever and satisfying case-of-the-week. 10/10

Banshee 3.3

Denis O’Hare . Hell yeah! This is more like it. Best episode so far this season. An orgy of violence. An adrenalin rush from start to finish. A character is killed off (in a pretty stunning fight scene). The cliffhanger is amazing. 10/10

Friday Night Dinner 1.3

Paul Ritter's Martin is definitely the best thing about this series. So funny. Can't wait to see what he says/does next. This episode makes two changes to the established formula. First, it introduces a new family member (Jackie's horrible mother) and, second, a large chunk of the story takes place away from the house (when the brothers go to the nearest pub). 9/10

The Odd Couple 1.1

Efficient opener which establishes the status quo, introduces the characters, gives them a dilemma and is funny. Some of the laughs come from the script, but quite a lot of it comes from the performances and the incredible chemistry between Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. 8/10

Rising Damp 4.4

Joan Sanderson, Helen Fraser, John Quayle . It may be a silly story which falls into place too easily, but the second half is full of laughs. The dialogue is sharp and every case of mistaken identity is funny, so it’s hard to be critical. The first half is only weak because the pace is too fast, and it does strain credibility the way the characters spout out the exposition. Perhaps if Alan was still living there, his presence would have helped the first half, made it seem less artificial. But, that minor point aside, this episode is definitely a winner. 9/10

The Flash II 1.10

Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell. Good fun. It’s the classic villain-returns-for-revenge plot and the show uses it well. What holds the interest however, and make the show worth watching, are the various relationships and character dynamics. There were some key scenes this time out for Eddie and Cisco.

Of course, they only characters we are really watching are Barry and Dr. Wells. 9/10

Fargo 1.4

  • Again, the pace is a little slow for me. And what eventually happens is easy to predict. Cool and fun, yes. But easy enough to predict.

  • I was surprised when Gus arrested Lorne, but everything that followed in that storyline was on the only conceivable path this early in the series.

  • The Stavros Milos storyline is also moving very slowly, but Don Chumph is a great character and Glenn Howerton is very funny in the role.

  • We had to wait ages to see Lester Nygaard this week (reminds of when Soap was new and you’d have to wait ages to see Burt’s storyline every week) and his storyline was easily the best. Wow, that was some cliffhanger ending.


About A Boy 1.4

Andrea Anders. Delighted to see Leslie Bibb back on the show! Her character was easily the best thing about this very funny episode. Throwing her into the mix makes a huge difference to the show, giving Will someone a bit crazy who he can openly lust after and giving Fiona a much-needed friend. My favourite part of this story was when Dakota pitched in to help the other two save Marcus at the party. 9/10

Forever Knight 19

Jennifer Dale .

  • Unsubtle but effective examination of our culture’s obsession with youth & beauty.

  • Most of the episode takes place on one night with a logical and satisfying progression of events as Nick and Schanke drive around the city in the aftermath of a murder.

  • There’s a high death toll in this one.

  • The fact that the flashbacks tie into the present day story comes as a surprise.

  • There’s a lot of dialogue about women and their desire to remain young and beautiful, and the script doesn’t always succeed in what it sets out to do. But most of it is thought-provoking and last scene is the best, and Nick’s dialogue about winter in that scene is understated and rather superb.

  • Great discussion between Nick and Nat about vampires and other supernatural entities in the world.

  • The internal logic of the characters is impeccable at all times. Loves many of the scenes. Particularly Schanke and the prison guard as our cranky detective tries to piece together exactly what happened.


A Young Doctor’s Notebook 2.2

Margaret Clunie. Deliciously dark and funny. Have really come to love the Older Doctor’s interactions with his Younger self. It makes no sense, but it really works. 10/10

The Knick 1.1

Needlessly graphic in places, and a bit dull. But Clive Owen is compelling and the cinematography is beautiful. 7/10

The Affair 1.1

Second half was better than the first, merely because it was fun to see the ‘gimmick’ of watching everything again from a different perspective. But did EVERYTHING have to be a contradiction? After a while, it grew predictable. I knew that whatever was coming next would be the opposite of what we saw in the first half. I would hope that later episodes are more subtle. 7/10

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia 8.9

Very funny episode. Simple situation where character drives the action, and creates the comedy. Of which there is a lot. As the show gets older it is definitely getting more experimental. 9/10

Fish 1.4

No story, but there are a few good laughs. It’s a bleak world these characters live in, and the end of the episode resolves nothing (they are still broke and freezing cold). 6/10

Barney Miller 3.20

James Cromwell . No laughs, and a couple of stories that go nowhere. Three of the cast members from Fish do appear, that’s something. And we get to see Abe Vigoda in a dress. 6/10

Major Crimes 3.19

Excellent season-ender, with a strong case-of-the-week and a predictable but very exciting development in the ongoing Stroh storyline. 10/10

Justified 5.4

The back-half of this was much stronger than the first. It started off as a darkly-amusing story, with Dewey and Wade in the wilderness. But the second half really brought other characters properly into the mix. Raylan and Boyd had a great scene together, and the confrontation with the Crowes was particularly good. I didn’t expect that to happen so soon in the season, and I was surprised by the way it ended. 10/10

Workaholics 1.6

Strike! Very funny. Again the story is aggressively plotted in advance and it shows. Love the female characters. 9/10

The Man From UNCLE # 003

Yvonne Craig. Slow-moving mystery with some interesting characters, and great guest casting. Solo puts it all together methodically, while Illya mostly stays in the background. The action-driven finale is good. 6/10

Baretta 1.12

Despite elements that work really well, this is a weak and disappointing episode.

  • The resolution is good. Downbeat. The killer gets away scott free, because Tony can’t prove that he did it. Also: Tony doesn’t find the missing girl, because she’s not really missing: she committed suicide. Those scenes are excellent.

  • The story doesn’t seem like a good fit for this show, and for most of the runtime it looks and feels like an episode of a private eye show. Aside from that, some parts of it are silly and unconvincing. The central murder, for instance, makes no sense.


Gotham 1.12

Wow, that was a good episode! The case-of-the-week aspect was strong enough to sustain the episode on it’s own (particularly once the action switched to the precinct house), but the burgeoning gang war shenanigans between Falcone, Fish, Penguin and Sal Maroni made for rivetting viewing. 9/10

Transparent 1.2

Several powerful and very sad scenes. Most, but not all, of them revolving around Maura and her journey. Maura only gets about a quarter of the screen-time, as the show (wisely) followed all four characters equally. Ali is the least interesting in this episode, but both Sarah and Josh have a lot going on, and the show makes us care. About all the characters. But especially about Maura. We care about her. A lot. Tambor is magnificent. 10/10

Alias Smith And Jones 2.19

Jim Backus . Delightfully clever, funny and exciting. These Roy Huggins stories are so damn good! Watching Heyes figure a way out of the predicament the boys get themselves into was a joy. Trying to stay a step ahead of script to see what would come next.

This is the first episode with Roger Davis and I must say I loved him in the part of Hannibal Heyes (alias Joshua Smith). 10/10

Episodes 4.1

Hilarious start to the new season. The laughs never stop, and there are some great new story ideas, too. Very impressed with the way Matt’s financial woes were used as the impetus to get Sean and Beverly to kick-start their new show. Nice. 10/10

Doctor Who 31.11

James Corden, Daisy Haggard . Possibly the most purely fun episode the show has ever done. A real treat from start to finish. Craig and Sophie are an adorable couple. Their non-romance is a walking/talking cliche, of course, but Corden and Haggard make it work. They are perfect together, and Daisy Haggard is gorgeous. Aside from them, it’s a blast watching the Doctor blend into normal every day life. A hoot! Matt Smith is magnificent, and the show doesn’t suffer by leaving Amy Pond on the sidelines for an episode. In fact, it makes everything seem fresh and different. 10/10