NewsRadio 4.18

Tom Gallop. A truly wonderful episode. I laughed and laughed and laughed until I cried.

Using a death as a fodder for comedy is incredibly brave, but it works and is never offensive or in bad taste.

The characters and writing are nothing short of superb, and every scene (every moment) is crafted to perfection. A joy.


Futurama 060

Even for a show as clever as Futurama, the idea of turning Bender into a TV star who sets a bad example to kids is genius. And very funny.

My favourite part was the TV executives.


Wings 4.12

Beau Starr . Starts off slow, but gets better as it goes on. Second half is very funny and the twist at the end is clever and delightful. 9/10

The Mind Of The Married Man 1.5

Superb! Funny and tense in equal measure, making use of simple situations to put the audience on the edge of their seats. And make them laugh, too.

Great performances from Jake Weber, M. Emmet Walsh & Marisa Ryan .


Futurama 059

Zoidberg & The Flag . Some good laughs and a thought-provoking script. 7/10

The Mary Tyler Moore Show 3.12

Gerald Michenaud . It’s an okay story, but too much of the screentime/jokes are given over to the guest star. It’s Mary and the gang we want to see! Cloris Leachman does have one fantastic scene, however. Very serious. Not played for laughs. And it is easily the highlight of the episode. 5/10

Batman 031

John Rhys-Davies. One of my favourite episodes. It’s a good story, told from the perspective of the bad guys, and it ends with a satisfying twist.

Plus, that final confrontation makes Batman look badass, like a unstoppable force of nature. 9/10

Futurama 058

Less Than Hero . Amusing parody of superhero tropes. With some nice stuff on Leela’s new backstory thrown in. Now that we know who her parents are, it adds a lot to her character.

Best bits: whenever Fry turns to Bender for moral guidance.


People Like Us 1.6

Head Teacher. For once it seems that Roy is way smarter than everyone he interviews. Some wonderful language here.


The X-Files 8.15

Nicholas Lea .

Another bad episode.

It’s bad because:

  • This is no story. There are vague happenings, concerning two men in hospital. One of the men is Mulder, which is what is supposed to make the audience interested.

  • A lot of Scully’s screentime is just her being sad and/or crying. She does/says nothing interesting or heroic. She’s just a wreck. Completely unable to function without Mulder. This is pathetic. And it pretty much makes no sense to me, given the history of the character. But, and this is the biggest sin… it makes for bad television and bad storytelling. Why should be tune in to watch our lead character fall apart like this?

  • This episode is an example of the show taking itself, and it’s mythology, far too seriously. It manifests as various scenes of under-stated dialogue delivered with ultra seriousness. The show feels that it’s enough at this stage to put Krycek and Skinner in a scene and… we will care. Even if nothing much is actually happening. Wrong! We need something more.

Yawn. 3/10

Oh! I see my next episode, which I’m planning to watch on Aug 21st, features Adam Baldwin! Hopefully it’s better than this two-parter.

Orange Is The New Black 1.3

Another engrossing backstory, coupled with many standout scenes: some comedic, some dramatic. Michael Harney and Laura Prepon are two of the highlights, in a strong cast. 9/10

Futurama 057

Sigourney Weaver. There’s really only one joke here, and they keep repeating it.


Gargoyles 2.38

Hector Elizondo. Fast-moving environmentally-aware story with some well-constructed moments of tension.


Futurama 056

Leela’s Parents. Such a sweet story. And with Bender on hand there is no shortage of laughs.


The Incredible Hulk 2.16

Sherman Hemsley, James Wainwright. Interesting story, socially-conscious, with no traditional bad guy in the mix. It doesn’t engage the emotions, but it does provide thrills with a real sense of urgency from start to finish.

The McGee character is used very well, and David comes across really well as a compassionate caring man. Even when he is penniless (as he is here).


Masters Of Sex 2.1

Quick-fire refresher course in all the flawed and fascinating characters that make up this ensemble. Some heartbreaking scenes here, particularly involving the Scully family. 10/10

Married 1.1

Unfunny dark comedy with a mistress storyline that follows a very predictable route. Good regular cast, but not enough Judy Greer in this episode. 5/10

Futurama 055

Kif Is Pregnant. Main story is okay, but there are some great Zapp Brannigan gags and lots of knowing digs at Star Trek.


The Phil Silvers Show 1.17

Investigation. Weak ending where Bilko’s scheme is easily undone. I wonder if this was done for moral reasons? An ending tacked on so that Bilko’s plotting and lying would not go rewarded. Whatever the reason, it really doesn’t work. But up to that… great fun. Sparkling chemistry between regulars, particularly Phil Silvers and Paul Ford, and many hearty laughs.


24 9.5

Best Show on TV!

  • Even without Jack Bauer… this is a fantastic hour of action and storytelling. Thrilling and shocking. With the story advancing at brisk pace.

  • Kate Morgan is proving to be a very likeable character.

  • Fab scene between Kiefer Sutherland and Kim Raver.


The Last Ship 1.5

Old fashioned good guys vs. bad guys yarn, with Jose Zuniga making a great baddie.

Top notch action/tension in final act.

Surprisingly good scenes between Tex and Dr. Scott.


Deadbeat 1.9

Ray Wise, Domenick Lombardozzi. Great guest cast, and a story-of-the-week with a darker/sinister twist. Is the show building up to a proper bad guy to end the first season?

The Camomile story arc stuff finally pays off, too. In slightly clumsy fashion.

That montage at the end was really sad (especially the kid with the ghost dog).


Voyager 156

Jeff Kober . Unsubtle but effective look at capital punishment. Helped by making it a story personal to Seven and her unique backstory. Also helped by a downbeat ending. Any other conclusion would have been a cop-out and weakened the impact.


Veep 3.5

Diedrich Bader. The hit/miss ratio is about 50/50 here, with many gags not really paying off in terms of laughs. And the Jonah storyline (which has been good all season) takes a downturn. This show needs more episodes like 3.2 which was hilarious. 7/10

Motive 2.9

Zoé De Grand Maison, Jennifer Irwin . Another great story! One where the motive was a surprise, and very, very sad. One of the best shows on TV.

Even the lacklustre b-story arc can’t lessen the impact of such a strong tale.


The Listener 5.8

Gabriel Hogan. Departs from formula by putting Becker front and centre and making the story personal to him.

There are some great character scenes for the regulars, especially the pairing of Oz and Tia which happens a lot on the show and works really well.