Chicago PD 2.6

Michael Gaston. Atwater-centric story breaks formula and sends him undercover in a prison to solve the horrible murder which opened the episode. Very satisfying to see these particular baddies get taken down. 9/10

Major Crimes 4.4

Joe Regalbuto, Lee Garlington. I love these Flynn/Provenza comedy episodes, but - honestly - the best thing here is the Rusty b-story arc. Very excited to see where this is going. 8/10

Louie 4.1

Two Guys and a Girl # 060

So much to love here. The pairing of Jillian Bach and Ryan Reynolds is pure gold. But it’s a strong episode for everyone. 9/10

Killjoys 1.1

Gotham 1.14

Maria Thayer, Julian Sands. Lots happening in various storylines, with the Robin Lord Taylor/David Zayas scenes being the best. Beyond that it was a pretty good case of the week, helped by making Harvey the focus and giving him someone to romance. Speaking of romance, I’m really enjoying Morena Baccarin on the show. 9/10

Transparent 1.6

Another strong episode. Finally giving Ali a storyline. Maybe. Best scene: When Rob Huebel‘s Len grabbed the knife at the family dinner. 9/10

I would probably go for Duncan MacLeod, but who do you think is...

I would probably go for Duncan MacLeod, but who do you think is the best 90s TV Action Hero?

Caroline In The City # 003

Another witty episode. Creates a genuine dilemma for Richard and resolves it in clever fashion. Lea Thompson is wonderful as Caroline. So utterly adorable and cute. Also, it looks like she is having a lot of fun. Loved the Howard The Duck reference. 9/10

Two Guys and a Girl # 059

Robert Goulet. Delighted to find Jillian Bach getting so much screentime in this wedding episode. So funny as Irene. The Johnny/Sharon cliffhanger is resolved in bland fashion, and they hardly feature in this, their wedding episode. Most of the best and funniest scenes go to Berg and Pete. Their emotional hug is the episode’s best scene. 9/10

Powers 1.10

Orphan Black 3.10

Brimstone # 002

Louise Fletcher. Relentlessly grim and, with rape as the topic, very adult fantasy. Two great action sequences, as well. Particularly the climactic battle in the villains house. William McNamara is excellent as the rapist but, in fairness, everyone in the guest cast excels. As with the pilot, you just want to see these characters again and again and spend time with them. 9/10

Peanuts # 002

Charlie Brown’s All Stars! Relentlessly glum, but always amusing and endearing. Charlie is so easy to relate to, you can’t help but become emotionally invested in what happens to him. 9/10

The Twilight Zone II 3.15

Two Guys and a Girl # 057

Bobbie Phillips. A superb episode. Hilarious, particularly Traylor Howard as a jealous Sharon. Great character conflict here, not just between Sharon and Johnny but also between Berg and Pete. And, for once, Berg is not at fault. Terrific script from Pat Bullard. 10/10

Just Shoot Me! # 002

Man From Atlantis 2.8

Two 1.2

Anna Hagan. Some good chase scenes and a couple of very dramatic confrontations make for another enjoyable episode. The scene between Gus and Marion (the mother of his murdered wife) is superb. 9/10

Caroline In The City # 002

A very simple story generates a lot of comedy gold here because of the great cast and characters. Much as I loved all the scenes where Richard was alone with a sick/high Caroline, I think the episode actually hit high gear when Del showed up and the two guys worked on the strip together. Very funny indeed. Best bit? The high five. 10/10