Hunter 4.8

Stepfanie Kramer powerfully takes center-stage for the final part of the three-parter. All storylines are satisfactorily resolved, but it is the McCall scenes that drive the episode. 10/10

The Good Wife 4.5

Excellent departure from formula finds the characters under pressure and against the clock as Lemond Bishop waits to be arrested, and Eli Gold waits for the new scandal to break. Thrilling from start to finish, and all the regulars get a chance to shine. Really love the pairing of Nathan Lane and Matt Czuchry. 10/10

Marry Me 1.2

Not funny. I like the cast, but the characters haven’t grown on me yet. And… it’s not funny. There wasn’t enough story here from a full episode. 4/10

Forever 1.4

Kathleen Chalfant. Wow, what a romantic story. Really took me by surprise. That was a treat. Brought a tear to the eye, that did. 10/10

The Flash II 1.3

Robbie Amell. Large chunks of this are disappointingly ordinary. Mostly when Barry is off-screen. When secondary characters try to be funny/cute or tug the emotions, the show falls flat. The ending to the final battle is weak. It just stops. 7/10

Faking It 2.2

Keith Powers. Some of the comedy felt very forced, particularly in the first half. But there was some very witty dialogue, too, and strong character moments. Particularly at the very end. 8/10

Orange Is The New Black 1.8

Wonderful mixture of scenes that are hysterically funny and scenes that are achingly sad. Plus it’s witty. And clever. 10/10

Justified 4.4

Perfect balance between humourous fast-moving a-story and serious b-story, which is part of an ongoing story arc placing Ellen May (a beloved support character) in increasing peril. Really love that character, because Abby Miller is good in the part. 10/10

Gotham 1.4

The is the first episode that is primarily a case-of-the-week story. And, as such, it pretty much works. The villain has a very vague weapon (what’s up with that?) but the story zips along and keeps the interest. Some of the sidebar stuff works, and some completely falls flat. But the show is enjoyable and it looks positively gorgeous. 8/10

24 9.11

Plenty of thrilling action scenes, plus drama on a global scale and a face-to-face confrontation that been coming all season. 10/10

Mulaney 1.2

Maria Thayer. Big step down from the pilot. Nothing here is funny. And situations are strained beyond credibility. If you have to strain things that much to get a laugh, then you aren’t going to get a laugh. 3/10

Parks And Recreation 6.16

Rob Huebel. Very funny episode. All of the groupings of the regular characters worked a treat, particularly Ron and Andy. All of their scenes together were hilarious. And sweet. Of the guest cast, I enjoyed Alison Becker the most. 9/10

Best performance in this week’s Arrow? Katie Cassidy,...

Best performance in this week’s Arrow? Katie Cassidy, without a doubt.

Arrow 3.2

Colin Donnell. A slower episode. Except for everyone being very sad, not much actually happens. Which makes it one of the weakest episodes of the show. Performances are excellent, however. 8/10

The Big Bang Theory 8.4

Season hasn’t really hit it’s stride yet. This is fine. A few laughs here and there, but nothing particularly good. So far. 6/10

The Good Wife 4.4

John Glover. Lacks cohesion, despite having many good scenes/moments. The case of the week only really got interesting at the very end, and seemed like a by-the-numbers effort being used as filler between scenes about the new affair storyline. Delighted that we had no scenes with Kalinda’s husband this time around. 8/10

Marry Me 1.1

Definitely provided some quality laugh-out-loud moments. Mostly because Casey Wilson & Ken Marino are cute and funny. The script and the supporting cast left me lukewarm. 7/10

So… Arrow is marginally better than The Flash. And both...

So… Arrow is marginally better than The Flash. And both are much better than Gotham, which - in turn - is way, way, way better than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Am I right?

The Flash II 1.2

William Sadler. Improves upon the pilot. Everything about this impresses. Especially Tom Cavanagh and Jesse L. Martin. 10/10

The Flash II 1.1

Watched it again. Still love it. Still teared up when he met with his dad. It’s awesome. 9/10

Shannon’s Deal starring Elizabeth Pena RIP :(

Shannon’s Deal starring Elizabeth Pena RIP :(

After watching something as well written and exhilarating as...

After watching something as well written and exhilarating as that episode of Justfied I feel enthused about storytelling. And life in general.

Boyd Crowder is one of the best TV characters ever. Walton...

Boyd Crowder is one of the best TV characters ever. Walton Goggins is a true star, and this is one of his best scenes.

Justified 4.3

Julia Campbell. This was clever. Very clever. As clever as the show has ever been. And the stand-off with the snakes? WOW. 10/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.3

It started off quite weak, but the episode got progressively better as it went on. And, by the end, was funny and cute. All the stuff at the start (with the regulars playing silly games) just wasn’t as funny as the show clearly thought it was. But the stuff with Holt and Terry was spot on. The first laugh I had in the episode came from the Kyra Sedgwick character when she told Terry he should just lie down. That was a great gag, perfectly set up. And from there, the episode started to make me chuckle or laugh with most gags. I also loved the twist/reveal thing they did with the elevator list. 7/10

Lots of romance and bromance on Arrow last week. Loved these...

Lots of romance and bromance on Arrow last week. Loved these scenes.