The Phil Silvers Show 1.18

Kids in the Trailer.

  • There are some laughs to be had - mostly when Colonel Hall shows up at the end - but overall it’s a lackluster and disjointed half-hour.

  • The story (such as it is) is driven by Bilko’s heart of gold, which is always great to see. But there’s no scheming or plotting to hold the interest beyond that.

  • Doberman losing his pass (twice!) isn’t as funny as the show would want us to believe.

  • A weak episode, with sporadic laughter along the way.


24 9.7

Hospital. The first ‘big’ episode of the season, so far. High tension, and A LOT of collateral damage. The drone/car chase was exhilarating, even if it veered close to the silly excesses of the James Bond franchise. Impressively, despite all the action, the show find time to advance all of the subplots. Some of them in very interesting ways… 10/10

The Last Ship 1.8

Rescue. Pitch-perfect mixture of action, tension and heroes to care about. Meanwhile, the virus storyline gets cleverer and more interesting with every passing episode. Despite the old-fashioned trappings, this is rapidly becoming one of the best shows on TV. 10/10

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes # 021

Ultron. Ant Man’s pacifist nature comes to the fore, giving the series unexpected gravitas, in the form of his resignation and some brief debates between the team members about the violence of the lives they lead. Shortly before they are all brutally taken down in an action-packed, dark and clever episode. One of the show’s best so far. 10/10

Voyager # 157

Sherman Howard. Predictable, but thought-provoking, look at faith/prophecy. It is slow to start, but does have plenty of action in the final act. And there are some moments of subtle but genuine sadness between B’Elanna and the Klingon leader, dealing with her loss of faith and her lack of connection to her own heritage.

The comedy subplots (Harry, Neelix) don’t work.


Veep 3.7

Darren Boyd. Starts slow, but the second half (when a crisis hits) is when the laughs appear.

  • Christopher Meloni is a revelation as Ray. So funny.

  • Darren Boyd pretty much steals the episode, as the Deputy Prime Minister. Several great one-liners.

  • Of the regulars, Matt Walsh always gets the most laughs as Mike. Love that guy!


Motive 2.11

Ali Liebert, Reece Thompson. Another good story, with even more misdirection than usual. Lot of surprises by the time we get to the end. Very satisfying and very clever. Even the Angie/Cross b-story (the only weak link all season) is good! 10/10

The Listener 5.10

Tommie-Amber Pirie . Good case-of-the-week, with a nice twist. And a very welcome return to the mystery of Toby’s mother. Feels like the show is gearing up for a big finish. 9/10

Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 # 020

Monday June. Fantastic episode! One of the best. Makes great use of all the characters. And everything is funny. 10/10

Space: 1999 # 011

The Last Sunset .

  • The best part of this episode is the back-story, which has a great downbeat twist ending in which we learn exactly why the aliens gave the Alphans an atmosphere.

  • The crash-landing storyline is fine, but much more generic and offers little outside what you would expect from this type of tale.

  • The hero of this story is Helena Russell, who in the final minutes comes up with an inventive way to attract the attention of a passing Eagle.


Flashpoint 58

Rossif Sutherland gives a very good performance in a story which is predictable, but well told and sad. 8/10

The Good Wife 3.19

Matthew Perry. A superb and complex story, showcasing the strengths that make Alicia Florrick one of the best heroes on TV. 10/10

Enlisted 1.9

Light on laughs, but the stories are good. Particularly the Derrick storyline. 8/10

The Nancy Drew Mysteries 04

Bob Crane. Pretty much my favourite episode of Nancy Drew. A good story, which is hilariously funny from start to finish and has a superb guest cast. 10/10

Fish 1.1

Bland first episode, with nothing much in the way of jokes or story.

Abe Vigoda and Florence Stanley are terrific, however.


Masters Of Sex 2.3

Josh Randall . A flawless and powerful episode that is basically just two characters in a room, talking. 10/10

Major Crimes 3.5

Erick Avari. The case is nothing remarkable, but the Rusty b-story is superb. All of the Rusty scenes were great, and it was a deeply satisfying storyline. 8/10

Louie 3.9

Chloë Sevigny. Unsatisfying. Both storylines follow predictable paths, and have little else to offer. The second story (about his missing daughter) pushes all the same buttons as the second season premier. But definitely isn’t as good. 4/10

Rude Awakening 1.5

Coffee Commitment. A strong Billie a-story with a nice pay off at the end. There are too many scenes with her mother. 8/10

Father Ted 3.7

Maria Doyle Kennedy (looking very sexy!).

One of the very best episodes. It’s a wonderful idea, with a perfect execution and superb performance from Patrick McDonnell .


Hardcastle and McCormick 1.14

Ann Dusenberry. A fun, but a very silly one.

  • Considered by the H&McC book to be the weakest of the first season shows.

  • It’s one of those stories where the duo just stumble into the middle of a crime.

  • A lot of the first half (and, indeed, a lot of the episode itself is just banter between the guys. And it’s all very good. Their chemistry is great. Even in a weaker episode.

  • There’s plenty of action in this one: fight scenes and car chases.

  • You have to take a lot of leaps in logic to enjoy this, but it’s fun if you do.


Today’s post brought the 4th season of Superboy! My...

Today’s post brought the 4th season of Superboy! My collection is complete. (I probably won’t get Season One.)

The Last Ship 1.7

Lost At Sea. An exciting action-driven episode, with a big development in the story arc and a kickass cliffhanger. 10/10

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 21

Black Widow returns. Action-packed, with some weak dialogue here and there that ruins enjoyment somewhat. But it also has several very cool, very exciting moments along the way. So, it all balances out to make an enjoyable half-hour. 7/10

Wonder Woman 15

Jessica Walter, Fritz Weaver.

  • Slow-moving movie that updated/revamped the series in 1977, when it moved to CBS.

  • Weak story, which gets progressively sillier as it goes on (adding concepts like androids and doppelgangers at a late stage as minor plot points).

  • Guest stars are excellent.


Alpha House 1.9

Fantastic episode! Hilarious from start to finish, with several great moments for many of the characters. Sheer perfection! 10/10