Game Of Thrones 6.10

Show ends best-ever season with another strong entry bringing resolution to many ongoing elements. It was the most event-filled season, yet it never ever felt rushed or badly-thought-out. In fact, it always seemed like the constant developments were the result of carefully-laid plans (by the writers).

3 highlights this week:

  • Cersei/High Sparrow arc reaches a perfect climax, and the stage is set for Cersei/Jaime conflict in the upcoming final season.
  • Arya was badass.
  • Great scene between Daenerys and Tyrion.


Masters Of Sex 3.6

Christopher Wiehl. Several pretty daring/surprising story choices in this episode.

  • Bill and Dennis?
  • Libby’s secret apartment?
  • Virginia and Dan?

Show sometimes veers close dangerously to bad choices, but always avoids them. Makes for riveting and powerful viewing. 


Major Crimes 5.2

Justified 6.9

This was an adrenaline rush from start to finish. Another episode with ‘final season’ written all over it.

  • It opened with a big reveal and a murder and then set a big ticking clock under the action as we waited for Boyd’s robbery to take place, and for Raylan’s trap to spring. The twist here was clever and rewarding.
  • Jonathan Tucker made a great first impression in his first episode.
  • Loretta suddenly became a major player in Harlan it was magnificent to see. Well played, Justified, well played.


Game Of Thrones 6.9

Magnificent. Not just visually, but also in terms of emotional power.

  • The episode belonged to Sansa and Daenerys. Both had powerful character-defining moments. And Yara had a great scene, too. Sansa has been transformed this season. Finally, she’s someone we can root for.
  • The writers clever show that Jon is far from the leader he needs to be, moving forward.
  • Shireen’s storyline made a surprising (and welcome) return to the fore, as Davos found somethat clued him in to her final fate. Excellent. Will enjoy waiting for that storyline to come to fruition. Next episode/season?
  • Fantastic performance from Iwan Rheon. As ever.


The Last Man on Earth 2.18

  • Fantastic cliffhanger.
  • Like the direction they are taking the Melissa character. Bodes well.
  • I’m giving this 9/10 because, while the stuff with the brothers is good, it’s basically a re-thread of what we already saw in the last episode. Right?

Jessica Jones 1.8

Game Of Thrones 6.8

Another highly satisfying episode in what is definitely the show’s best season so far. Scenes for the Hound and (eventually) Arya were the best. But it was a strong episode for character scenes for everybody who was featured. 10/10

Motive 4.4

Tahmoh Penikett, Will Sasso.

  • Despite a predictable reveal at the end, this is still a great episode because the story and the cast are so strong. It almost plays like a pilot for a new series, setting up characters and a situation that the audience comes to care about really quickly.
  • The murder (shown at the end) is quite shocking, too. Fast, brutal.
  • Of the regulars Angie and Lucas are well served here with b-stories.
  • I miss the pairing of Angie and Oscar, though. 
  • Warren Christie makes a welcome return to the show.


Frasier 9.4

Tony Goldwyn. Solid comedy driven by character, particularly in Frasier’s case (in the b-story). The Roz a-story sheds new (unflattering) light on her character. Nice ending. 9/10

Angie Tribeca 1.5

Amy Smart, David Koechner. Another relentless barrage of gags. Some don’t quite connect but there are many, many laugh-out-loud moments. 9/10

The Tick # 005

Breadmaster. Not the most memorable of episodes, I’d basically forgotten it, yet it is funny from the get-go and utterly committed to the show’s unique brand of insanity. I was somewhat disappointed that no other superheroes were part of the story and then, at the last minute, the Human Bullet showed up. 8/10

The Incredible Hulk 3.2

Robin Dearden, June Allyson. Despite a strong cast, and interesting ideas, this story fails to gel.

  • The storyline is probably too outlandish for TIH. A child prodigy and a supercomputer? Would work better on a show like Wonder Woman, which tended to use fantasy elements more regularly in the latter seasons. The Hulk show tended to stay grounded, asking us to accept the presence of the creature and nothing else. This one requires more of a leap of faith.
  • It’s a disjointed episode. We spend a long time, before David shows up, inside the Kirkland Institute. But the mid section of the story takes places on a plantation and involves an “evil” medicine woman. Then, the final third takes us to Los Angeles. It sometimes feels like scenes from different episodes, with very little to stitch them together.
  • Normally, the show can bring a tear to the eye when it wants to. The writers/directors really know how to tug the emotions. Normally. Here: the climax of the story goes way, way, way over the top when mother and daughter are reunited. And it’s actually hard to stifle laughter.
  • On a side note: could this episode have inspired the TV show The Pretender? It certainly shares a lot in common.


Game Of Thrones 6.7

Two beloved characters return and Ian McShane gets some good scenes. The show is definitely having it’s best season:

  • Characters have been killed off, so some storylines are now gone and the overall pace is faster.
  • Characters have met up and joined forces, so some storylines are now combined and the overall pace is faster.


Alias Smith and Jones 3.4

Frasier 9.3

Tom Irwin. Great balance of comedy and drama, as Martin goes back to work and flashes back to the day he was shot. The scenes with Niles (in the past) are quite sad, illustrating how Martin and his sons have grown apart. 9/10

Frasier 9.2

Very funny Daphne-centric episode, which is a big improvement over the dreary season opener. Unlike that episode, which took itself too seriously, this one tackles a serious subject (trust) and makes us laugh while making us think. The b-story (cricket) is great, too. 10/10

The Last Man on Earth 2.17

Superb mixture of comedy and drama. And heartbreak. Can’t remember when I saw a sitcom so comfortable with killing off regulars and death in general. A rare beast, this one. 10/10

Game Of Thrones 6.6

  • It slowed a lot in the middle, but big developments for Arya, Tommen and Jaime kept it enjoyable.
  • The High Sparrow twist was clever and rewarding. Not at all where I thought this storyline was going.
  • Nice to see some old faces return.
  • Arya’s freefall to the darkside has caused me to like the character less as the seasons have progressed. Seems like the worm turns here. Good.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3.23

The b-story wasn’t funny, and there wasn’t quite as much story arc resolution as one would have hoped for (like a return for  Pimento). Instead we get a cliffhanger, which seems a tad unnecessary. 8/10

Frasier 9.1

A mostly unfunny and self-indulgent script. As much as we care about the character, this journey inside his head is taking it too far. The second half, where his various exes show up is a real chore to watch. They bicker, but nothing is actually happening. 4/10

Caroline In The City # 006

  • A terrific and energetic performance from Dan Butler is one highlight of this very funny episode driven by the sort of dilemma that only pops up in sitcoms.
  • There are several delightful little moments and running gags that really pay off, and the final scenes are very good indeed.
  • First appearance of Charlie. Great episode for Del.


Veep 5.2

John Slattery.

  • Less story-driven than opener.
  • Very funny, across the board: seems like every character got a chance to shine here.
  • And there are so many great characters now. Is this the largest cast we’ve ever had in a sitcom? (Does Soap beat it?)
  • Best characters? Richard cracks me up, as does Mike. And both were terrific here. Consistent laughter every time they appeared on screen.
  • Loving the two new (romantic) story arcs, too. Assuming they both continue past this episode. And I hope they do.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3.22

Dennis Haysbert. Great episode. Very funny (I loved the lint discussion scene) and there’s a terrific twist at the very end. I hope they do more serious story arcs after this one. 10/10