Jessica Jones 1.6

  • Took a break from Marvel’s Jessica Jones (to watch Better Call Saul instead) and got back to it tonight with episode 6. Wow. Had (almost) forgotten what a dark/powerful show it is. Kinda reeling from that closing shot (Killgrave in the house).
  • Good case-of-the-week, fascinating Killgrave scenes but this was basically an intense Luke/Jessica episode as we waited for her to tell him, or for him to find out. 


Red Rock 1.1

Enjoyable first episode. Hits the ground running with story and character. Pacy. Will watch more. 8/10

Game Of Thrones 6.2

  • Unlike last week, this week the show actually moved stories forward. Several stories. Quite a bit, too. Nice.
  • Two of the most powerful characters in the world, politically speaking, were murdered. Killed off. Bang. Just like that. Neither of these were major characters in the show, but it’s going to be interesting to see what Ramsay does next…
  • Tyrion freed the dragons. Cool decision. For the character. For the show.
  • Jon Snow returned. The wait… was just about the right length.
  • Bran returned. The wait… was just about the right length.


Ash vs Evil Dead 1.9

The Mary Tyler Moore Show 3.21

Intelligent script, both funny and heartfelt, as Murray suffers a bout of depression causing him to skip work and lose faith in his life choices. Wisely, there’s no easy solution offered in the episode, but they come close with an excellent conversation between Murray and Ted about happiness. Ted easily has the funniest moment of the story, when he unveils his puppet Mr. Fluffy. 9/10

Veep 5.1

Clea DuVall, Morgan Smith. Strong start to the new season, with an exciting storyline, status quo changes for some characters and a very funny climax. 10/10

Toast Of London 1.5

Soap # 037

Except for the final scenes (which showcase Billy Crystal and are quite sad) there isn’t much to like here. Most of the comedy feels oddly forced and doesn’t work as well as it might. 7/10

Taxi # 037

Marc Anthony Danza.

  • The story (about Tony adopting a kid) isn’t particularly compelling.
  • The Reverend Jim scenes are hilarious, however, and there are some very funny gags dotted around the episode.


Banshee 4.2

Nestor Serrano.

  • Good action scenes and character moments but the storylines seem a bit all over the place. 
  • I’m not enjoyed seeing Hood and Carrie so miserable. And I’m not pleased that Rebecca was killed.


The Hitchhiker 2.10

Franco Nero, Renée Soutendijk. The story doesn’t engage, but the visuals are very impressive. Not just spooky and unsettling, but also very inventive. Great performances, too. But the story is basic and the ending is very anti-climactic. 4/10

Famous Five 1.10

Michael Sheard. Too many new characters, not enough story. Once the screentime has been devoted to the location and the people in/around it, there isn’t must time for the actual mystery. It looks good (filmed at night in thick mist) but it feels rushed. 6/10

Childrens Hospital 5.14

Chris Parnell.

  • One story, funny, using a lot of storytelling tropes to maximum comedic effect.
  • The biggest laugh out loud moments, for me, were the fart jokes. 


The Last Man on Earth 2.14

The growing pains of having a new regular character to deal with sucked the laughs from this one. The whole episode was build around the brothers’ relationship and there just weren’t enough laughs in the mix to sustain a full episode. 6/10

Sliders 041

Jay Acovone. Flawed, but still stands as one of the three best third season episodes. So far.

  • Lots of focus on new regular Kari Wuhrer.
  • Great start. Atmospheric.
  • Visuals are great throughout. Dark and moody.
  • It’s basically a zombie world. Which is cool. The zombies are rather easy to defeat, but it’s still a nice departure for the show.
  • The kidnapping of Debra bit at the end was what moved the episode down from a 9/10 to an 8/10 from me.


Justified 6.7

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3.21


  • Cool story-of-the-week and a predictable, but nonetheless successful, Amy/Jake b-story.
  • Stephanie Beatriz is a really, really good dramatic actress. Something that becomes more and more evident whenever they give her serious emotion to play.
  • Love this serious story arc. Very ‘cop show’ of them.


Two 1.4

Laurie Holden. The first absolutely brilliant episode and the one that made me a huge fan of the show first time around. Tim Minear‘s script is full of twists and turns and amps up the tension, keeping the viewer guessing. On more than one occasion we are unsure as to which twin we are watching. And that’s great storytelling. Very exciting and completely different to anything else on TV. 10/10

Rude Awakening 1.9

The Mind Of The Married Man 1.9

Not quite as strong as the previous episode, but this is a different beast: full of hurt and confusion. Remarkably sad. There are very few laughs here, although the laughs that do come are big ones. This is an episode designed to bring simmering plots/ideas to the surface. Stuff that has been building all season gets paid off here. And it’s quite bleak. 10/10

Game Of Thrones 6.1

Some questions are answered. The storylines break down as follows:

  • Sansa - Progress in this storyline with characters (finally!) joining forces. And a pretty good battle, too. Best sequence of the episode.
  • Cersei - No progress, really, but some nice character work. Events in Dorne take a bloody turn. Not really invested in what happens there, to be honest.
  • Tyrion - Lots of talking. Little else.
  • Daenerys - Predictable developments.
  • Arya - Predictable developments.
  • Jon Snow - Tension in this storyline, but everything is moving so slo-o-o-o-owly…


The X-Files 10.6

  • Weakest episode of the new season. Doesn’t quite succeed in making the apocalyptic events seem credible. And there isn’t enough Mulder.
  • Delighted to see Einstein and Miller back. Einstein is particularly well used. But, again, the scenes with her and Scully aren’t quite as dramatic and tension-filled as the script would hope.
  • The Mulder/Cigarette Smoking Man confrontation, however, is top notch and yields some very interesting ideas.
  • Some of the dialogue was stiff and unintentionally comedic. Also unintentionally comedic: the sight of Scully confronting a mob of looters with a speech about going to the hospital.
  • The cliffhanger? Unsatisfying cop out ending.


Ash vs Evil Dead 1.8

  • This feels like the start of something new. A new season, a new story… or just a completely new ED movie. The focus is more on Ash than usual (for the series) and the events that befell him at the cabin when this story originally started back in 1981.
  • There are also three hitchhikers wandering around the woods. That, even more than the focus on Ash, makes this feel like a new movie.
  • Pretty shocking death in this, too. Unexpected. And really gruesome and horrible.


The Mary Tyler Moore Show 3.20

Lois Nettleton. Slow to start. First half is curiously stiff and unfunny. Story doesn’t quite work. Perhaps because it starts (properly) too late in the episode. If we had started with the late night planning scene, then there might have been somewhere to go. 5/10

Arrow 4.14

The Big Bang Theory 9.20

Both the a-story and the b-story were funny and interesting, and the Leonard/Penny scenes were terrific. Only the very last scene, a long conversation between Sheldon and Amy in the cabin, failed to work for me. The rest was a hoot. 10/10