Parks And Recreation 7.10

Peter Serafinowicz. Complete departure from formula that doesn’t quite work as well as intended because it is so different. But it is funny (especially when Adam Scott is onscreen) and it is touching, as we get a real sense that this is a group of friends preparing to go their separate ways. 8/10

Friday Night Dinner 2.4

Lesley Vickerage. Best episode of season two so far. Hilarious from start to finish. And a lot of the biggest laughs came from the characters and how they treat one another. Other moments, like the phone call to Jonny’s boss, were real comedy gold. 10/10

From Dusk Till Dawn 2.8

Jere Burns. This what we’ve been building to all season. And it’s a tense and satisfying hour, with a few surprises and twists in the mix. Impressed with how easily and naturally the writers brought these disparate character to the one place at the one time. 10/10

Faking It 2.20

A strong finish to this season finale, with great scenes for Lauren (her speech) and then for Karma and Amy (the goodbye talk in front of the bus). 9/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3.8

Nick Offerman. An episode which tries too hard and isn’t particularly funny most of the time. Andre Braugher is the best thing in it, and Holt get some wonderful moments. But Offerman is wasted. 7/10

Childrens Hospital 5.4

The Last Man on Earth 2.8

Another winner. Solid mixture of comedy and drama, plus a couple of nice twists/surprises. Particularly the one at the very end (concerning Phil’s change of heart and return to the group). Mary Steenburgen got some very good scenes here, and a couple of killer one-liners. 10/10


The Jim Gaffigan Show 1.4

Larry Pine and Michael Ian Black are both excellent in this funny and touching episode. Feeling a lot of love for this show. “Jim” is such a lovable and funny central character, and when the writers want to go to emotional places… they succeed admirably. 10/10

Orange Is The New Black 2.6

Valentine’s Day. A magnificent episode. So much happening, so many pivotal scenes for so many characters. Amazing. The writing, the cast, this show is true quality. 10/10

Doctor Who 33.8

Emilia Jones. A fairly light and, to be honest, boring story that takes ages to get going. And, in the end, amounts to nothing. The Doctor isn’t onscreen for much of the first act, which doesn’t help. Clara is certainly a fascinating new character, but this feels like the show is all about her. But that’s not my problem with this episode. I just though the story was weak. Great visuals, yes, and Matt Smith was amazing. But the leaisurely pace and lack of story let it down. First weak episode since “Vincent and the Doctor.” 5/10

X Company 1.2

Deadbeat 2.9

Dark Matter 1.10

Arrow 4.7

The Big Bang Theory 9.9

Okay. Am I the only one now wanting these two to get together?

Okay. Am I the only one now wanting these two to get together?

The Flash II 2.7

  • Great visual effects and good character scenes for… pretty much everybody. Caitlin and Harry, particularly. Together and apart.
  • After a strange/abrupt send-off for John Wesley Shipp earlier in the season, he gets a lot to do in this episode. Love that father/son relationship.
  • Barry struggling to keep his secret from Patty works better this season than it did for Iris last season, but it still seems like we are past the point where he should/could have told her.


The Good Wife 5.2

Zach Woods.

  • A good episode, even if no storyline really stands out.
  • The case-of-the-week was engrossing and rewarding to watch. Fun and quirky, as the balance of power swapped over and back. Jeffrey Tambor was a hoot.
  • It was also fun the way the narrative kept jumping over to the NSA who are listening in on everything. Great casting for these guys.
  • The Diane storyline was probably the best thing here. Proving two great scenes: Diane refusing to see Will out during her interview, and Peter going up against Chief Justice Virgil Ryvlan. That was cool.
  • The tension surrounding Alicia and Cary leaving keeps building. Terrific.
  • Loved the scenes with Alicia’s mother. Stockard Channing is awesome.
  • Speaking of awesome: this episode saw the return of Dreama Walker. Yay!


Friday Night Dinner 2.3

One of the best examples of ongoing and funny rivalry between the brothers. Also: the parents fighting for the whole episode builds successfully to a silly, but funny, pay-off. 8/10

Daredevil 1.10

The Flash II 2.6

A lot of wonderful ensemble scenes in this episode, highlighting what a great cast the show has. A lot of genuine laughs amid the character conflict. And the final act? Wow. Very dark. 10/10

Orange Is The New Black 2.5

Rectify 3.3

Michael Vartan. Superb episode. Some of the most intense conversations we have ever seen on the show. The best scenes were the ones involving Sheriff Carl Daggett, as we watch him digging away, asking questions and trying to get to the truth about George Melton’s death. Fascinating, gripping, rewarding. 10/10

The Last Man on Earth 2.7

  • This show has evolved a lot. It’s now no more a “comedy” than Transparent. It’s really quite serious in tone.
  • There are laughs, of course. All of which center on the amazing Will Forte. He brings the funny, while the rest of the cast are given increasingly heavy material.
  • It’s very different to season one.
  • And, based on episodes like this, it works just fine.