That '70s Show 6.10

James Avery. Some good gags, underpinned by serious stuff (like Kelso’s impending fatherhood, and Fez’s citizenship). 6/10

I love the main cast on Motive. They are all so playful with...

I love the main cast on Motive. They are all so playful with each other. That scene in episode 2.3 where Vega was balancing on the kerbstone was so much fun to watch.

Motive 2.3

Carlos Bernard . Strong case-of-the-week, engrossing. With a couple of haunting scenes, and (possibly) the most cold-blooded killer they’ve ever had. 9/10

Orphan Black 2.1

Hits the ground running, with action, death, comedy and both a clever twist and a big shock at the very end. Superb. 10/10

That '70s Show 6.11

Shannon Elizabeth. Funny, with nice character moments for many of the regulars. Eric destroying Kelso’s van would be just played for laughs in another season, but with his baby on the way (and Brooke relying on him) it serves to create some jeopardy.

Red and Hyde get some nice storylines, too. 7/10

Game Of Thrones 4.3

While this is the best episode so far this season, with a real sense of pace and activity in almost all the storylines, there are still too many scenes/sequences which drag on for ages without accomplishing anything much. At least the ending is suitably epic. 8/10

Deadbeat 1.1

Always good to have the awesome Tyler Labine back on TV. And this is a quirky, funny script with a couple of very nice touches. Definitely a series I want to see more of. 8/10

Some pics from Sliders episode 26.

Some pics from Sliders episode 26.

Sliders 026

Corey Feldman, Julie Benz. A fairly generic SFTV yarn, with very little that really ties it to the premise of the series. 6/10

Veep 3.1

The show works best when the core characters are together in one room/setting. And this third season is starting off just like last year did: keeping them apart. Strange. 6/10

Arrow 2.19

Stunning action sequences, some very dark moments, a couple of great twists and some great character moments (like the hug at the end). The show is really on fire, and is easily the most confident storyteller on TV right now. It’s also got the most fallible hero on TV. Oliver isn’t perfect, and he carries the weight of his decisions on his shoulders. Makes him irresistible as a hero.

But the best character in this episode was Laurel. 10/10

The Avengers 150

Peter Barkworth, Brian Blessed. Delightful episode, using one of my favourite SFTV Tropes: the deserted town. I’d normally be very disappointed that Tara (my favourite Avengers girl) is absent but the story is such a genuine hoot, and Merlin such a fun ‘partner’ for Steed, that it completely compensates. 10/10

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland 1.11

Barbara Hershey. We finally get the pivotal moment in the Anastasia backstory. This is such a great, tragic love story. And I’m so hooked! 10/10

From Dusk Til Dawn 1.3

Adrianne Palicki, Jake Busey . Not much happens (it’s mostly just various characters having conversations) but we get a clearer idea of the big picture of what’s really going on. Which is nice. But more actual activity would be nice, too. 8/10

Entourage 5.4

Absolutely superb. The tension surrounding the script Eric represents is some of the best drama this show has ever had. Nail-biting stuff. Great character drama. The show is infinitely more interesting, now that Vince’s career is down the toilet.

And the Johnny Drama b-plot is serious (for once) and equally superb. 10/10

Community 5.13

Chris Elliot. Funny and clever. And if that is the last ever episode, it’s a pretty good way to leave it. Everyone is happy and life for them will continue as normal. What else could we want from a show we love? 9/10

The Rockford Files 4.15

Anthony Zerbe. Good story, and a very good guest star wisely kept onscreen for most of the episode. The episode is full of clever little touches (some comedic, some character-based) which add to our pleasure as we watch the mystery unravel (slowly). 8/10

Swamp Thing 04

Another strange, atmospheric episode. Dreams play a large part in telling the story, and Swamp Thing again does nothing much. Mostly, he hangs around and frets. 6/10

Newsreaders 1.4

Dennis Haysbert. The two segments are unevenly matched, but the kid-as-cop bit is quite brilliant. 8/10

Chicago PD 1.6

Uninvolving case-of-the-week. Generic dialogue, too. Soap opera elements slightly more interesting. 4/10

Workaholics 1.5

Edward Barbanell. Good fun. Fast paced, and the characters become more likeable with each passing episode. 7/10

Game Of Thrones 4.2

Wedding. That long final scene has a distinct air of more-of-the-same, but - at least - there’s a bit of payoff this time. 8/10

Seed 2.5

Funny episode with two reliable storylines: pairing characters in new ways, advancing the ongoing romantic story arc. 8/10

Batman 029

Paddi Edwards. A change-of-pace episode, with Alfred getting a lot of screentime and being the one in peril. It’s quite story-driven, doesn’t really give Batman a lot to do and has a great musical score. 7/10

The Mary Tyler Moore Show 3.11

Bill Quinn . It starts slow and gets better as it goes on. In the middle you’ve got a hilarious scene with Lou Grant and Mary’s dad, but the best is yet to come. The episode ends with a truly delightful father-daughter scene. Perfectly written and played. A joy. 8/10

Helix 1.13

Last episode has one major surprise twist and changes that make me wonder what season two will be like. Very different, it would appear. 8/10