Laurel And Hardy 1930 07

Another Fine Mess, Thelma Todd. Delightful scenario, with some hilarious interplay between the boys, even before the story gets up and running. Todd is gorgeous and almost steals the movie. Her chemistry with Laurel is fantastic. The ending is weak. 9/10

Rectify 2.9

The final third of this was about as intense as anything I’ve ever seen on TV. The Ted/Tawney scene was so painful in places, it was difficult to watch. Everything else in the episode was typically superb, but that final fifteen minutes overshadowed all that had come before it. At times I felt scared for what might happen. And that’s a remarkable achievement for any television show. 10/10

The Good Wife 4.13

Margaret Colin, David Garrison. An intelligent script, bringing some story arcs and character arcs to fruition and giving the fantastic Julianna Margulies a chance to showcase a tougher side to Alicia, speaking her mind a bit more, taking no bull, etc. Love it! I hope we see more of that moving forward. The conclusion, with Alicia submissively thanking the equity partners is surely the launching pad for something more? 10/10

Laurel And Hardy 1930 06

Murder Case. One of my favourites. A parody of haunted-house murder-mystery films, with some great character gags. A longer running time leads to a slower pace, so it feels more like a feature film than a short. A great pity that it is not. 10/10

Rectify 2.8

An episode of pivotal conversations and moments:

  • Daniel confronts Tawney about what happened between them during the first season.

  • Ted Sr. has a late night meeting with Senator Foulkes (but we don’t hear the dialogue).

  • In flashback, Wendall confronts Daniel with some unpleasant truths about his character.

  • Sheriff Daggett appears to be coming around to the idea that Daniel may not have done it. How is that going to impact on the big story arc, moving forward?

  • Janet and Ted Sr. talk about their marriage/their love. The scene is both beautiful and sad, and cleverly fills in more detail on the back-story.

As is always the case, the pace is slow and the result is powerful, engrossing storytelling. 10/10

Orange Is The New Black 1.11

The plan to get Mendez is a bit OTT, but the radio interview (and it’s impact) was powerful stuff. Piper’s flashback breakup scene with Alex and her present day telephone breakup scene with Larry are easily some of the best moments the show has ever had. 9/10

Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 # 023

Meg Chambers Steedle . Very funny. Uses the crazy world of this show to great effect. 9/10

Masters Of Sex 2.9

Christian Borle.

  • Brilliant mixture of scenes that have emotional power and scenes that are very funny.

  • I’m delighted to see John Billingsley join the show, but the scenes with Virginia lying to Dr. Lloyd Madden are a bit too silly to really work. Much better when, with this episode, they started to talk about her own true story.

  • Kevin Christy had some great scenes in this episode. Not just the storyline with Kitty, but also when Lester was watching Barbara Sanderson.

  • Speaking of Barbara Sanderson, the performance of Betsy Brandt has been terrific. I’m enjoying this storyline enormously. Although part of me is wondering if the show is merely trying to reclaim the glory days of the Allison Janney as Margaret Scully (probably the high point of the show so far.

  • The growth of Libby Masters is definitely a high point of Season Two.

  • 10/10

Major Crimes 3.14

Jude Ciccolella. Convoluted, predictable case-of-the-week. The character-driven scenes with the regulars are the best part. Particularly Provenza reacting to the idea that Flynn might retire. 8/10

Justified 4.12

Reasonably calm episode, nothing more than moving the pieces around on the board. Getting ready for the big finish. That final scene (with Winona and the rocking chair) was a stunner. 9/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.10

Craig Robinson, Luis Moncada. Three strong/funny storylines. Some killer one-liners. 9/10

Rectify 2.7

Wow. An amazing episode puts Sean Bridgers & Aden Young center-stage. Simply stunning. Rarely does this show focus on the murder, or Daniel’s legal troubles, for very long. And when it does… it is utterly gripping and very rewarding. 10/10

The Gotham skyline.

The Gotham skyline.

Gotham 1.9

Nicholas D’Agosto. The Bruce Wayne scenes are actually good for a change! Largely thanks to Selina Kyle. The dynamic between the two teenagers is good. Everything else in the episode is bland: a generic case-of-the-week and some predictable gang wars escapades. 7/10

Faking It 2.7

Skyler Maxon. Second half is the best part here, with some quality drama between Amy and Karma outside the restaurant. Show may have changed a lot since the first season, but it’s certainly established some serious character dilemmas along the way. 8/10

Doctor Who 31.7

Toby Jones. Ingenious story, witty dialogue and sparking cast chemistry. 10/10

A To Z 1.8

Probably their best episode so far. Focus is very much on Andrew, tone is semi-serious and ending is reasonably profound. 10/10

Alpha House 2.2

A light and breezy episode, very funny. First ep in a while to really push the housemate angle, one of show’s big strengths. And it gives all four leads something to do. 10/10

Arrow 3.9

Matt Nable. As intense as the show has ever been. Spectacular battles and dramatic developments/revelations in every ongoing storyline. The show is a confident storytelling machine and as we fade to black (on a stunning cliffhanger) I honestly can’t decide which story excites me more. There is a lot happening, and all of it is exceptionally good. 10/10

Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 # 022

Nicholas D’Agosto . Some interesting ideas, but it never really gets up to speed, or generates many laughs. 6/10

Masters Of Sex 2.8

Betsy Brandt .

  • Deft mixture of comedy and drama. Often quite effecting.

  • Libby’s character growth makes engrossing viewing.

  • The twist at the end is quite predictable.

  • The show has a delightful way of returning to, and developing, old supporting characters. Characters we may have assumed we’d never see much of again.


The Good Wife 4.12

Carrie Preston is always tons of fun, but the case-of-the-week is pedestrian. Feels like filler. The campaign storyline is strong, however. 8/10

Marry Me 1.8

Great to see Rob Huebel back, and interesting to see an episode with just an a-story, but - again - it’s not very funny, is it? 6/10

Major Crimes 3.13

Carlos Bernard is terrific, and the comedy storyline is a hoot, but the case-of-the-week is a little too convoluted for it’s own good. 9/10

Forever 1.6

The case-of-the-week elements are generic and sadly predictable, but the fantasy element takes over completely in the final act and provides a much-needed icing on the cake. If not for all that, it would have been a weak episode. 7/10

The Flash II 1.9

Amanda Pays. Some spectacular visuals, awesome work from Grant Gustin and major developments in various ongoing arcs. It raised many questions, and answered none. But this is better than villain-of-the-week stories. 9/10