Game Of Thrones 1.1

First episode was okay. Not sure, yet, if I’ll go back for more. Music was terrific.

Veep 5.10

  • When Veep gets to a real final episode, how can they possibly top this? So much story and comedy. So wonderfully downbeat.
  • I had no idea what way the story would go. And I have no idea what the next season will look like. It’s great to be able to say that about any TV show.


Luke Cage 1.3

  • The story continues to move slowly. We get some stunning action, but… a whole lot of talk. And, on episode three, we are passed the world-building stage. Now, it’s just self-indulgent storytelling.
  • Not buying Frank Whaley and Simone Missick as partners. Her, yes. Him, not so much.
  • The music is great.
  • That action sequence at the end was great. 


Orange Is The New Black 3.3

  • Some of the comedy is too broad to work, such as the funeral for the burned books(!!), but the Nicky-centric drug-filled a-story is very bleak and ends on a grim note.
  • Most of the Piper/Alex scenes are bland, except the drama class improv game. That works. Nicely done.
  • Good scenes between Red and Healy. Is that going somewhere?!


Bosch 2.7

The Good Wife 5.14

  • TGW starts the back nine with an episode that feels like a season premier. We are treated to events in Alicia’s life in the days leading up to the pilot episode. These are presented in flashback. Some are good, some are fine. Overall, it’s a bit pointless.
  • Much is made of the fact that Alicia has to give a big speech. And much is made of the fact that she must do this really to impress a new character, played by Jill Hennessy. In the end, her speech is a bit of a damp squib. For the audience, if not for the characters. And the JH character goes in a different direction. So, what was the point? I don’t know.
  • The Will storyline is good. Easily the best storyline in the episode. The tension mounts. Carrie Preston is back as Elsbeth Tascioni (always a good thing) and she kicks ass. As usual. That’s fun to see. And, in the end, when events take a sudden negative turn, the audience feels like it has been gut-punched. Poor Will. Trouble ahead.
  • Will had the best scene in the episode. The conversation with Alicia in the coffee shop in New York. Wonderful. High point of a mixed-bag episode.


RTE - Saturday, October 22nd, 1977

Love watching Madison Davenport play evil. It’s just so wrong....

Love watching Madison Davenport play evil. It’s just so wrong. Genius casting move. One of the best twists ever.

BBC1 - Wednesday, October 20th, 1976

Masters Of Sex 3.10

  • Scenes with Bill or Virginia seem cartoonish, while scenes with Barton or Libby feel real and emotional. Both of them are underused, and get nowhere near enough screentime. Masters & Johnston (the main characters) are now a liability to the series. At least in this silly storyline.
  • The script is clever. Characters seeing themselves through another eyes. It’s a theme. It works. But the central love story no longer works. No longer engages.
  • Best character? Any character that isn’t Bill or Virginia! In order: Barton, Libby, Betty. Any scene driven by one of these three is pretty much magnificent. Betty’s speech to Barton, re: homosexuality, was - I thought - powerful.


The Last Man on Earth 3.2

Lying and scheming are reliable fodder for comedy. Particularly inept lying and scheming. Tandy has a bad track record of this sort of this. And this very funny episode doesn’t change any of that. It works because Will Forte is hilarious and because Tandy’s heart is in the right place this time. 9/10

Bosch 2.6

  • A very emotional episode, leaving the camera on the superb Lance Reddick for several long, slow, sad scenes. Heartbreaking.
  • Once again the final scene delivers a jaw-dropping twist that ties more of the seasons storylines together. And does so effortlessly. And without any indication that this is about to happen. This is like a masterclass in television writing.
  • Great new storyline for Eleanor also.


The Good Wife 5.13

Wow, what a thriller! A brilliant episode with enough developments for two hours.

  • Always a joy to see Wallace Shawn back.
  • Impossible dilemma for Marilyn.
  • Return of NSA wire tap guys. Brilliant.
  • Eric Bogosian: So. Much. Menace. Wow.
  • The fake TV show at the start and end? Hilarious.


Law and Order: Special Victims Unit 16.20

Very sad to see a favourite Chicago PD character die such a sadistic death. But despite the unrelenting grim tone, that leaves the viewer with a knot in their stomach, this was a great episode because of Dallas Roberts in those courtroom scenes. And the last scene was good. 10/10

Chicago PD 2.20

Superstore 2.3

Some very, very funny scenes in the second half. The bringing together of the guns, crows and pills being particularly clever. 9/10

Deadbeat 3.7

Ash vs Evil Dead 2.2

Veep 5.9

  • Gimmick episodes like this are a mixed blessing. Yes, they can be clever and fun but they also make you feel like you have missed an episode of your favourite show. I remember feeling that way about some of the Moonlighting episodes back in the 80s and I feel the same now. 
  • Having said that: this is a funny and clever outing, allowing us another look at scenes we’ve been before from a new angle. The Mike stuff was the best.
  • Also: the big story arc of the season reaches a climax. What next?


Luke Cage 1.2