Chicago PD 1.14

Solid mix of drama, comedy, soap and action. Brings resolution to some plot-lines and ends on significant cliffhanger. 9/10

Justified 4.8

Magnificent. An incredibly violent and exciting episode. Many deaths. Mostly characters we’ve seen before. One major character. Big changes for the power dynamics within the show. Plus, advancement on all the story arcs. Again: simply a magnificent episode. 10/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.6

Eva Longoria. Strong episode, with laughs in all storylines. I presume this is the start of a romantic story arc. Good. Longoria is perfect casting. And the ending with Stephen Root and Sandra Bernhard was SO FUNNY. 9/10

The Good Wife 4.8

Judd Hirsch, Amanda Peet. Very strong central story, which deviates from formula and delivers an exciting and morally ambiguous tale. Meanwhile the b-story about Alicia’s children is understated but compelling. Not much happens in it, but it’s engrossing and rewarding because it is driven by character development. 10/10

Doctor Who 31.3

Bill Paterson. A fun romp, with a lot of clever touches. Setting the scene for future Dalek stories. It goes so far into the realms of fantasy, that - at times - it can seem silly. But, for now, I’m prepared to go with it. And see where it all leads… 7/10

Chicago PD 1.14

The first half is a strong chase story, giving way to a much darker second half which has Voight and Olinsky stepping over the line. 8/10

A To Z 1.4

Could do with more laughs, but it’s certainly cute and lovable. Henry Zebrowski and Lenora Crichlow are stealing the show. So much so that I’m staring to wonder if Stu and Stephie are some kind of ‘stealth couple’ and the story will really turn out to be them and their courtship. 8/10

Parks And Recreation 6.20

Michelle Obama.

  • Double-episode feels too long.

  • Lot of nice cameos/callbacks but little else.

  • Ongoing story builds to clever conclusion.

  • Shock twist time-jump at very end.


Justified 4.7

Shelley Hennig. Compelling and violent case-of-the-week mixed with a strong Boyd story, giving valuable insight into power dynamics in the area. 9/10

Anyone else find that Laurel is their favourite character on...

Anyone else find that Laurel is their favourite character on Arrow at the moment?

Arrow 3.6

Rila Fukushima . Good case of the week which:

  • fits neatly into the murder-mystery story arc,

  • gives Laurel lots of great moments,

  • has great action scenes.


The Big Bang Theory 8.8

Prom. Cute idea for an episode. Funny, with lots of good moments driven by character. Love all the couples on this show. 8/10

The Flash II 1.5

Clancy Brown. Except for Dr. Harrison Wells, this show is settling into a predictable and disappointing rut. 6/10

Gotham 1.5

Margaret Colin . A fun case-of-the-week, which manages to tie Bruce into the climax and has lots of story arc advancement. Oswald Cobblepot is the show’s best character and his storyline gets better every week. I love the way his fate is tied to the fate of Gordon. 8/10

Parks And Recreation 6.19

Keegan-Michael Key. Delightful and funny. Adam Scott was the funniest one here, but competition was fierce. This episode was so good. And so sweet. 10/10

Arrow 3.5

Charlotte Ross. Even before that jaw-dropping ending this was 10/10 stuff: Great character scenes, and action. Loving the ongoing Laurel story arc. But, in general, the show is better now than it has ever been. Laurel and Thea have become two of the best characters on television. Both have a lot going on, nobody else knows, and we (the viewers) know that it is going to have a major impact on the show later on. That is fantastic.

The Big Bang Theory 8.7

Billy Bob Thornton. One of their funniest and smartest episodes. Just a delight from start to finish. 10/10

The Good Wife 4.7

(The wonderful) Christina Ricci is miscast, so that storyline fails to ignite. But the rest of the episode is on fire! John Shea is PERFECT as Cary’s father. 9/10

Marry Me 1.4

About as funny as the pilot, but the supporting cast are definitely growing on me. 7/10

Orange Is The New Black 1.9

Thanksgiving. Most powerful episode so far. Taylor Schilling is superb. But, in fairness, most of the cast are given great material here. A pivotal episode. 10/10

Chicago PD 1.13

Fairly generic. Undercover tropes and action tropes we’ve seen done before. There are one or two story arc surprises, however. But this episode lacked a strong case-of-the-week. The show works best with a central a-story that gets wrapped up before the end credits. 6/10

Justified 4.6

Gerald McRaney. Quite a mixed back, with time devoted to a large number of characters and various storylines. Sheriff Shelby Parlow is emerging as an interesting good guy, while Colt Rhodes appears to be a much more dangerous character than we first suspected. Best scene: the marriage proposal at the end. Sweet. 9/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.5

Some wonderful moments for Holt in this one. And a nice, clever use of ongoing storylines. Highlight: Holt in the bar. 8/10

Agents Of SHIELD 2.2

Not much story here. Lots of naff dialogue, however. Too much Fitz (who cares?), not enough Hunter (who is cool). 4/10

A To Z 1.2

The story is a predictable by-the-numbers rom-com mix up. But it’s oh-so cute, so adorable and so funny. Romantic, too. 10/10

Parks And Recreation 6.18

Jeff Tweedy. Some funny moments (a lot from Billy Eichner) and there are some very sweet touching moments as well. 7/10