Swamp Thing 04

Another strange, atmospheric episode. Dreams play a large part in telling the story, and Swamp Thing again does nothing much. Mostly, he hangs around and frets. 6/10

Newsreaders 1.4

Dennis Haysbert. The two segments are unevenly matched, but the kid-as-cop bit is quite brilliant. 8/10

Chicago PD 1.6

Uninvolving case-of-the-week. Generic dialogue, too. Soap opera elements slightly more interesting. 4/10

Workaholics 1.5

Edward Barbanell. Good fun. Fast paced, and the characters become more likeable with each passing episode. 7/10

Game Of Thrones 4.2

Wedding. That long final scene has a distinct air of more-of-the-same, but - at least - there’s a bit of payoff this time. 8/10

Seed 2.5

Funny episode with two reliable storylines: pairing characters in new ways, advancing the ongoing romantic story arc. 8/10

Batman 029

Paddi Edwards. A change-of-pace episode, with Alfred getting a lot of screentime and being the one in peril. It’s quite story-driven, doesn’t really give Batman a lot to do and has a great musical score. 7/10

The Mary Tyler Moore Show 3.11

Bill Quinn . It starts slow and gets better as it goes on. In the middle you’ve got a hilarious scene with Lou Grant and Mary’s dad, but the best is yet to come. The episode ends with a truly delightful father-daughter scene. Perfectly written and played. A joy. 8/10

Helix 1.13

Last episode has one major surprise twist and changes that make me wonder what season two will be like. Very different, it would appear. 8/10

The Big Bang Theory 7.20

Nice character-driven Sheldon story, with several great laughs along the way. Really enjoying Laura Spencer as Emily. I wonder are they planning to keep her around? 10/10

Enlisted 1.7

Stacy Keach! Dean Stockwell! Barry Bostwick! Sheer perfection. All TV should be this good. It’s funny, but the stories have heart and pack a genuine emotional punch at the end. The cast are simply wonderful and the guests deliver great performances. This is an episode to treasure. 10/10

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland 1.10

Easily the darkest episode so far. Not just because the bad guy wins, but because of the way get inside the Red Queen’s psyche. Some of the scenes, especially her two confrontations with The Jabberwocky, were scary.

Love the reveal of who Cyrus’ mother is. Delightfully clever. 10/10

From Dusk Til Dawn 1.2

  • The non-linear storytelling really works well here, as we keep going back to the bank robbery.

  • Much faster pace than first episode.

  • Even when nothing much is happening (such as the early scenes in the RV) the show maintains interest, because we are so intrigued by mystery of the bigger picture of what the frak is really going on.

  • Really liking all of the characters.


Entourage 5.3

Fran Drescher, Kevin Pollak. A wonderful episode, with many superb scenes.

  • The car race with Ari in his new Ferrari.

  • The confrontation where Ari punches the other guy.

  • Ari’s triumphant return home.

  • Any/All of the short scenes showing the success Eric is having with the script he represents.

  • Most of all: the singing scene at the very end. Non-stop laughter guaranteed.


The Rockford Files 4.14

Frequently hilarious, but it takes ages for the story to get going and that first third is a bit disjointed and tedious. Some very good performances, though. Particularly Victor Jory , whose character works great with Jim. The ending is very good.

On a side note, this is the last appearance of Gretchen Corbett as Beth Davenport. Shame. 7/10

Harry O 1.2

Leif Erickson . Slow-moving and somber. It appears miscast in some respects and tends towards repetition (Harry questions A, then B, then A again, then B again). The revelation of the killer’s motive is weak, too. 4/10

Community 5.12

Audacious but disjointed. Absolutely fascinated to see what happens next week. Is there a ‘big twist’ coming? 9/10

My favourite Kojak endings are the ones with the long, lingering...

My favourite Kojak endings are the ones with the long, lingering freeze-frame as our hero ponders the needless carnage. The best ones tend to be outside, in the snow. But even this one, inside in the warmth, raises the quality of an otherwise average episode.

Kojak and his team.

Kojak and his team.

Kojak 3.10

Ron Rifkin, Robert Alda.

  • Slow to get started.

  • Quite wordy. Particularly the first half. Maintaining interest is a minor struggle.

  • Lots of clunky directing and voice dubbing doesn’t help. Again, in the first half.

  • Story does take an unexpected (and enjoyable) twist at the midway point. Things get much better after that.

  • The ending doesn’t pack the emotional punch of similar (and better) episodes of Kojak.

  • But, it’s still a perfect example of the type of Kojak ending I love: something bad has just happened (usually involving unnecessary death and/or suffering) and our hero carries the weight of it all on his shoulders. I don’t think many shows were doing conclusions like that back in 1975.


Johnny Staccato 1.8

Susan Oliver . Disappointingly ordinary tale, which doesn’t really fit in with the premise for the series. The fact that Johnny is a (cool) private eye is kinda irrelevant to the events that befall him here. And he doesn’t accomplish anything, either. Merely avoids getting killed (by a killer who inexplicably took a long time to get around to killing the only witness to his crime). 5/10

Swamp Thing 03

  • Not quite as strange as the first two episodes, but still an oddball mixture of events masquerading as a story.

  • The main plot revolves a dying man who has stolen and hidden some money, while the secondary plot revolves around Swamp Thing trying to get out of Jim’s house.

  • Performances are better, but some of the dialogue is clunky and the episode fades to black with many questions unanswered.


Garrison's Gorillas 1.5

Malachi Throne . Fast-moving, exciting and violent, with lots of light-hearted camaraderie in the mix. Garrison’s command style being equal parts authority, affection and exasperation. Much like Barney Miller, really! 8/10

Barney Miller 3.16

David Clennon, Florence Stanley . A low-key, well-told story of a runaway daughter. Plus, Harris publishes his first short story! 9/10

Agents Of SHIELD 1.17

Most of the regular characters are still painfully bland, and the show is still too self-important. This mid-season reboot looks promising, but what the show really needs is a completely new cast. And new writers. 6/10

Workaholics 1.4

Promotion. Some of the funniest moments come from Jillian Bell and Maribeth Monroe. Monroe’s Alice is very sexy, too. Reminds me of Paget Brewster in Andy Richter Controls the Universe. 8/10