Better Call Saul 1.8

Dennis Boutsikaris . Superb new storyline, very exciting and enjoyable. Funny. This could have aired as episode one and we wouldn’t have missed much. 10/10

Parks And Recreation 7.5

Dax Shepard . Good thought-provoking a-story. All the other stories are rooted in characters. Satisfying. And funny, too. 9/10

Helix 2.4

Arrow 3.17

Call Me Fitz 3.3

Bosch 1.3

The Flash II 1.16

Fargo 1.9

Community 6.1

Newsreaders 1.6

Thomas Lennon . It’s a pretty slim idea, but they manage to wring some quality laughs from it. 7/10

The Last Man on Earth 1.3

The quirky series premise, the evidently-fantastic cast chemistry and the cool twist ending to this episode will certainly keep me coming back for more. 8/10

Justified 5.9

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2.18

Childrens Hospital 4.13

David Krumholtz, Nick Offerman . Lots to love here, particularly the return of Detective Chance Briggs. 9/10

Powers 1.3

Better Call Saul 1.7

Doctor Who 32.4

Suranne Jones, Michael Sheen . An astonishingly good story by Neil Gaiman and a terrific cast. Magical. Beautiful. It goes right to the core of what makes Doctor Who Doctor Who. 10/10

Alpha House 2.9

Long on story, short on laughs. Gil John and Andy have the strongest storylines here, as a very exciting conflict seems to be looming. 9/10

Before we all had access to the internet, Epi-Log Magazine was...

Before we all had access to the internet, Epi-Log Magazine was THE source for reference and research when it came to episode synopses, titles, airdates, writers, directors, etc. Even now, it has some information you simply can’t get anywhere else. I have a near-complete run of issues.

Why isn’t Viper out on DVD?

Why isn’t Viper out on DVD?

Arrow 3.16

Back in the spring of 1994, FOX had two superb,...

Back in the spring of 1994, FOX had two superb, critically-acclaimed but low-rated sci-fi/fantasy shows on the air. Back-to-back. We all thought The X-Files​ was sure to be cancelled, but it looked like The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.​ might actually get a second season… :)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 1.2

I wanted to like this but I just didn’t find it funny, so I won’t be back for episode three. 4/10

The Last Man on Earth 1.2