rikerdonegal: From the mind of writer/director Brenda Kelly:...


From the mind of writer/director Brenda Kelly: Here’s a short film we shot in Feb! Have a wee watch and enjoy! It’s… Lovely!

From the mind of writer/director Brenda Kelly: Here’s a short film we shot in Feb! Have a wee watch and enjoy! It’s… Lovely!

Dark Matter 1.6

Certainly an interesting new way to deliver backstory. Slow, however. Gets better in the final third of the episode when Six goes in after Five to retrieve her. This might actually have been a better starting point for the story, and the episode might have been much better if they had had Six in there longer and made more of the fact that he was ‘inside’ his own memories for a while. 8/10

Motive 3.7

The Big Bang Theory 9.2

Bosch 1.7

Shawn Hatosy.

  • Pretty much a textbook example of a perfect cop show episode. Seems like every scene is a key scene for one reason or another. More than any other episode so far we get inside the head of our hero when he has to confront Julia about the shooting at the end of 1.6 and everything about how he handles this dilemma tells us who he really is. And gives us a multitude of reasons to like him and admire him.
  • Our villain is likewise given several key scenes, ending with the last one where he murders his mother Irene Saxon. Jason Gedrick and Veronica Cartwright are great in their scenes together.
  • This episode kicks the main story arc into high gear by having Irving assign Bosch to the case, and some breakthroughs soon follow.
  • A consistently excellent series so far.


The Spoils Before Dying 1.3

Michael Sheen, Chris Parnell.

  • Surprisingly story-driven and light on laughs.
  • Absorbing and entertaining throughout.
  • Confident and stylish from start to finish.
  • Impeccably cast.
  • Ends with an amazing piece of animation.


The Last Man on Earth 2.1

Chicago PD 2.9

Major Crimes 4.7

Jeffrey D. Sams. Breaks formula by giving us a long flashback to the events of the murder showing us exactly what happened, then divides the narrative in the episode that follows between the team and their fugitive who is, in fact, innocent of the crime. Makes for a very exciting story. 10/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3.1

Bill Hader. Great start to the new season. Very funny and very romantic. Hader is hilarious as the new captain, and Captain Holt has a great storyline but the episode is all about Jake and Amy and their final scene is wonderful. 10/10

Guardians of the Galaxy 1.2

A lot of action and a lot of one-liners. Only in the second half does a story being to emerge. 6/10

Blindspot 1.2

Cotter Smith. Good case-of-the-week story, some smart characters (and a couple of pointless ones), interesting story arc and solid action sequences. Off to a good start. 9/10

Gotham 1.18

Colm Feore. Fairly pedestrian story, which follows a predictable course. The Penguin scenes are the best. As usual.  7/10

Transparent 1.8

Michaela Watkins.

  • Flashback episode highlighting the complex Mort/Mark friendship. There is something incredibly touching and endearing about their basic needs and wants. Even if they don’t quite want the same thing.
  • Emily Robinson is a revelation as Young Ali. Wow.


Doctor Who 33.1

The Last Ship 2.9