Gargoyles 2.39 Avery Brooks, John Rhys-Davies. Lots to enjoy...

Gargoyles 2.39

Avery Brooks, John Rhys-Davies.
Lots to enjoy here. Plenty of action and two very exciting stories, smartly told.

  • In the b-story, Elisa has amnesia. Something which causes her to run from Goliath in fear when he finds her. It also clouds her judgement for most of the episode, until her instincts kick in near the end and she joins forces with the gargoyles.
  • The a-story kicks off when the travelers arrive on Easter Island and something mysteriously starts attacking them one-by-one. Elisa is first, and she is then released with her memory wiped. The gargoyles are not so lucky. They are captured and - by the end - are facing execution.
  • But there’s no real villain here. Instead they face a powerful opponent whose goals are actually honourable. He is, however, wrong about the gargoyles and they are forced to fight for their very lives.
  • Long before the ending arrives, it has become clear to us what a lonely, tragic figure their opponent is. The conclusion brings that into even clearer focus, but - at least - offers him some companionship for the future.
  • Bronx took quite a beating in the early scenes, so I was delighted to see him get his own back in the big battle at the end, with some vicious moves.