Blindspot 1.9

  • Gotta say: this episode really steps up a notch when Ennis Esmer shows up. That guy is so damn funny and his likability works great when he is cast-against-type as a villain.
  • Also great to see Trieste Kelly Dunn (from Banshee) in the guest cast, but she is totally underused. Hope that character returns.
  • As usual on this show a lot of screentime is given to Patterson. In fact, I’m pretty sure Patterson got more dialogue/screentime than anyone else in the first half of the episode. Now, while I really like Ashley Johnson a lot, I find Patterson’s near-omnipotence utterly ridiculous. The show is determined to make us believe she is an expert on… everything. And, in episodes like this, she is the real main character: she finds the case and deduces everything and repeatedly points the team in the right direction. So, we have a situation where she (not Jane) is the show’s indispensable character. You could remove any character here and tell the same basic story, but remove Patterson and… you have no story. It’s a worrying sign when a show can’t give it’s lead characters more to do.
  • Enjoyed the second half enormously. Not just because of the guest star, but also because of the tension and the various fight scenes. They were fun.
  • Also: the David arc here was good.
  • But: I’m not buying the Kurt/Jane romance angle. There’s no chemistry there, and it feels awkward when the show tries to force it. I preferred them as a brother/sister team. That worked.