Peanuts # 004

You’re in Love, Charlie Brown. An episode devoted to the little red haired girl, which compressed the action into two days. Charlie is even easier to relate to, than normal, in this melancholy tale of unrequited love. He manages, on more than one occasion, to accidentally out his secret feelings to everyone around him and gets mercilessly teased as a consequence. Snoopy barely appears. Charlie is always the focus, except for a brief (dull) bit in the middle where Peppermint Patty shows up. Getting an ending for a story like this was always going to be difficult. We know, of course, that Charlie can never actually talk to the little red-haired girl, never mind actually go out with her. Rather than end on a total downer, the producers to have our plucky little hero find a note at the very end which gives him hope for the future. Slim hope, of course, but it means they can pan away at a (relatively) upbeat moment. 9/10