The Greatest American Hero 3.6

André the Giant.

  • A clever story with some great ideas and funny lines.
  • It opens with Bill’s apparent death and a funeral. Connie Sellecca plays is straight (and excellently so) but the scene gets more and more amusing the longer it goes on.
  • When Ralph figures out the deception, the mystery deepens and the audience is kept wondering for quite a long while. Robert Culp is on top form here, spitting out one-liners every time he opens his mouth.
  • Patrick Hasburgh‘s script is wonderfully logical, as Ralph and Pam go about tracking Bill to Mexico in a very practical way. Pam takes a plane, while Ralph files directly. In fits and starts, stopping a lot along the way.
  • One of the cleverest aspects of the story occurs when the villains blackmail Bill into helping them track one of their own: an escaped scientist played by the great Dennis Lipscomb.
  • There’s a lovely character moment when Pam is flying with Ralph and asks about who else has flown with him. Honestly, this script has everything!
  • We are quite far into the story when the three main characters are reunited. The show really zings when they are together, but it’s nice to see an episode maintain such high quality when they are apart.
  • The battle at the end is terrific. It really works. I just wish it had lasted longer. A bit like the episode itself.