The Incredible Hulk 2.21

Lee Bryant, Meshach Taylor.

  • Story-driven, fast-paced, intelligently-scripted story with Bill Bixby in top form as a blind Banner.
  • Early scenes are genuinely warm as we see that David has become very much a part of the family he is staying with.
  • Nicolas Coster and Jack Rader are great as the ‘villains’ of the piece, with some smart dialogue and motivations.
  • This is one of those TIH episodes that has the tone of socially-conscious show like Quincy or Lou Grant.
  • The Hulk scenes in this are among the best in the series, especially the one where he goes up against a tank. And wins. Earlier, we get a very funny one involving Dennis Fimple.
  • This is very much an adult drama, where the story and the characters are intelligent.