Better Call Saul 2.9

Intense. Stomach churning storytelling from start to finish. Remarkable.

  • The first big section was devoted to Chuck’s fall. And it was every bit as satisfying as we expected, wanted and hoped. In this scene, as well as other pivotal ones, Michael McKean is simply perfect in the role. And brings just exactly what is needed so that we never like the character. Even here when he is the only one in the right. And we know it. But he’s still too much of an ass for us to like.
  • The second big section was devoted to Chuck confronting Kim and Jimmy. This was truly nail-biting as we waited to see which way Kim would go. And how this would impact on Jimmy (and the story) moving forward. What Kim does is vitally important. And Rhea Seehorn is so, so good in the role. All season, but in this scene in particular where Kim hears the truth, believe it and still goes to bat for Jimmy. Incredible work.
  • There there was Mike. We got to see him put his badass plan into action and, in the really big section devoted to him, he learned that there are unfortunate consequences to his actions. This was a superb scene. Jonathan Banks is probably the most amazing actor on the show. And competition is tough.
  • Jimmy also learned about consequences in the gripping final section of the episode. Where we (the audience) could see something bad was coming but when it hit… it really hit. And that was their cliffhanger ending, too. Next week will probably be even more intense…