The X-Files 10.5

Lauren Ambrose, Robbie Amell, Janet Kidder.

  • The new season delivers another superb story, nothing like anything else so far this year.
  • The guest cast (and the two guest characters) are wonderful. First, because they are fun (being clones of Scully and Mulder) but second, because they really come across as interesting and likeable agents. These are two people I would like to see again.
  • It was an episode of cameos: blasts from the past. Very cool.
  • David Duchovny was hilarious when Mulder got high.
  • This was very different to classic X-Files stories because it was all about the main characters, but at the same time it was exactly like the way the show was when it started because it took a simple idea and created a genuinely thought-provoking tale around it. That is what the show used to do best.
  • The final duologue was very on-the-nose. And maybe in the hands of less capable performers it would have failed, but these two made is sing. Chris Carter is so lucky to have them.