Game Of Thrones 6.3

Not as much development as previous episode, but that would be expecting too much. You can’t have major leaps forward on a constant basis. At least with this installment we get visits with most main characters and all are very interesting. Some make it clear that changes are (probably/hopefully) coming soon.

Best bits?

  • The trips back in time are proving to a highlight.
  • Really enjoyed the Varys and Tyrion scenes. Not so much for their story arc advancement, but simply for the great performances from both actors.
  • Jonathan Pryce is probably the best actor on the show now.
  • The Jon Snow / Arya Stark / Daenerys Targaryen sequences played out in very, very, very predictable fashion. Enjoyable to watch, yes, but the show probably needs to move on - rapidly - in these storylines.