Sliders 042

One of the best episodes.

  • Action-packed story, lots of continuity and a dark confrontation in the final act.
  • The continuity isn’t just with recent episodes, but with other stories as far back as the pilot. That’s something new for the show.
  • The sliders stay together as a group for most of the episode. A chance to display/explore the disharmony that Maggie brings to the team.
  • Jerry O'Connell is superb in the final act. Just brilliant as both our Quinn and the dark, twisted (possibly insane) version that taunts him. A high-point of the series so far.
  • Neil Dickson, whose work I usually adore, is miscast here. He’s way over the top. Not enjoyable. But the rest of the guest cast (Kevin Quigley, Oona Hart) are top notch.