The Incredible Hulk 3.1

  • Mackenzie Phillips, one of the show’s best-ever guest stars has terrific chemistry with Bill Bixby in this one.
  • David Banner’s decency and genuine empathy for his fellow human beings shines through in this story. One cannot help but admire him and the way he conducts himself.
  • As happens from time to time on the show, there are no real ‘bad guys’ in the episode.
  • Both Hulk sequences are among the best the show ever did. First we see him under the influence of drugs and later we see him ‘entertaining’ the crowd as a concert.
  • Good music in this one. Not just the songs that Lisa Swan sings/plays but the score is good, too.
  • Strong McGee scenes here. He shows up without warning and that’s a shock. He gets close to Banner more than once. Lots of tension.
  • Phillips pretty much steals the episode from everybody, but Katherine Cannon and Gary Graham are good, too.