The Incredible Hulk 3.2

Robin Dearden, June Allyson. Despite a strong cast, and interesting ideas, this story fails to gel.

  • The storyline is probably too outlandish for TIH. A child prodigy and a supercomputer? Would work better on a show like Wonder Woman, which tended to use fantasy elements more regularly in the latter seasons. The Hulk show tended to stay grounded, asking us to accept the presence of the creature and nothing else. This one requires more of a leap of faith.
  • It’s a disjointed episode. We spend a long time, before David shows up, inside the Kirkland Institute. But the mid section of the story takes places on a plantation and involves an “evil” medicine woman. Then, the final third takes us to Los Angeles. It sometimes feels like scenes from different episodes, with very little to stitch them together.
  • Normally, the show can bring a tear to the eye when it wants to. The writers/directors really know how to tug the emotions. Normally. Here: the climax of the story goes way, way, way over the top when mother and daughter are reunited. And it’s actually hard to stifle laughter.
  • On a side note: could this episode have inspired the TV show The Pretender? It certainly shares a lot in common.