Jessica Jones 1.13

Rosario Dawson.

  • Best episode since 1.9 and a superb finale. Dark and unrelenting. There are no wasted scenes, or pointless b-stories. Instead, the focus is squarely on the final hours of the cat-and-mouse game between our hero and her quarry.
  • The Claire Temple character from the Daredevil series is introduced and given a lot screen time as a means of expanding the show’s world to include other aspects of the Marvel TV Universe and - much more crucially - to provided Jessica with a sounding board during the crisis and also as a gateway to discussions about the nature of heroes.
  • David Tennant goes out on a high. He has several great scenes.
  • The final scenes deftly establish a viable status quo for the series moving forward, with Jessica now having a lawyer who will work with her and, in Malcolm, a secretary. As the camera slowly pulls back down the hallway there is a real sense that the whole season was a ‘pilot’ and now we are on the threshold of a great private eye series.