Justified 6.13

  • I really did bawl my eyes out at the way this ended. And had tears in my eyes for several of the scenes. Such a great story. And such a joy to spend 6 years watching it unfold and get under my skin and deep in my heart.
  • The final episode was everything a fan could want. And more.
  • In terms of plot-lines, everything got resolved. Bad guys got taken down (shot down) and story arcs set in motion years ago were resolved.
  • In terms of themes and subtext, the writers brought their main characters to moments of truth to give us a glance at their true selves. Boyd’s final confrontation with Ava, Raylan’s final conversation with Ava and (most especially) Raylan’s final moments with Boyd… in these scenes we really saw all three of them for who they are. We saw their complexities and we saw their contradictions. And it was so cleverly done. The story machinations that brought us to that emotional final scene were Machiavellian. The dialogue was sometimes beautiful. (Particularly some of the things Boyd said. Especially: “Hell, sometimes, I think the only way to get out of our town alive is to have never been born there.”) The use of lies and the use of truth was remarkable.
  • A fitting way to end a show like this. It was always a show as much about the dark as it was about the light, so of course our final moments with these two character had lies and truth in equal measure.