Orphan Black 4.3

  • The Donnie/Alison and Donnie/Helena scenes are fabulous. Simply hilarious.
  • It’s also interesting to note that for all her (adorable) “faults” Alison doesn’t hesitate to dig up the body in the garage when it comes to helping Sarah. Nice. Especially considering that she is the sister who tends to stand back from the events that drive the series.
  • Aside from the dead bodies and detectives at Alison’s house, this rest of this episode is largely divided between Sarah and Rachel. Sarah’s storyline being the stronger of the two, as she digs deeper and finds out some unpleasant things.
  • The Rachel scenes were a little same-y. But it was great to see Ari Millen back on the show.
  • Likewise James Frain. Always a welcome addition.
  • The Felix storyline is good. And is wisely kept to a few scenes.
  • Loved the creepy Kira scene.