Gotham 2.7

Astonishingly violent in places, with some very satisfying moments of revelation for the characters.

  • Best: The Jim Gordon/Theo Galavan/Penguin storyline really worked because Jim finally put the clues together and saw through Galavan. Ups the stakes, moving forward. How much fun is that? The death of Penguin’s mother (and the various party goers) was quite shocking. This show is ceaselessly sadistic. 
  • Worst: The Bruce/Selena/Silver storyline hit some very obvious beats. The cast make it work, but this is a kind of love triangle we have seen many times before. The only real plus here is that Selena (like Gordon) is now wise to the true nature of her real nemesis. Makes things interesting, moving forward.
  • Most Original: The Riddler stuff was also quite brilliant, it must be said. Overshadowed by other events, but this split-personality gimmick is proving to be a great way to intro the character.