Fables of the Green Forest 05 Continuing the story of the bear,...

Fables of the Green Forest 05

Continuing the story of the bear, who first appeared in the previous episode.

  • The main character here is Buster the Bear (the ‘monster’ from the previous story). His eating habits bring him into conflict with Joe Otter and Harry Mink, who feel they have proprietary rights on the trout in the laughing brook. And set in motion a plan to drive the fish away and (in that way) starve Buster into leaving the Green Forest.
  • Buster is a likable, gentle character. But, interestingly (and very much in keeping with the dark undertone of the series) he becomes dangerous when hungry and launches a terrifying attack on Bobby Raccoon who, in a tense sequence, has to flee for his life.
  • Johnny Chuck doesn’t appear much in this story, although Peter Rabbit does go looking for him at one one point in the crisis, and he does have a good scene with Buster and they appear to form a friendship. Johnny says he has a plan but, curiously, it never materialises in the rest of the episode.
  • The heroes of the story are actually Grandpa Frog (who makes a subtle but strong case to Joe about who owns what) and Sammy Blue Jay (who saves Bobby’s life when Buster has him trapped). The fact that Sammy, not necessarily a good guy, saves the day speaks volumes to the show’s intent to create complex characters.
  • There are many moments of witty dialogue and narration. The funniest moment is probably this exchange when Buster turns to attack Peter. “Come here, my chubby, yummy little friend,” he growls. “I may be chubby, but I’m not your friend,” shouts Peter as he runs away.