Motive 4.11Merritt Patterson, Tim Guinee. The show delivers...

Motive 4.11

Merritt Patterson, Tim Guinee. The show delivers another great story. Here are 6 random reasons why this is brilliant:

  • The bond/friendship between the two girls (Liz and Rachel) is strong and interesting.
  • The victim is a very sympathetic and interesting character. Very real. I really grew to admire her over the course of the hour and felt a sense of loss that she was murdered.
  • The household of the killer is odd and oppressive. Some lovely camera angles in the filming help set an other-worldly tone. Loved the twist at the end. Clever.
  • Very witting dialogue abounds. Mostly from the Tommy Flanagan character.
  • Great scenes for Oscar: showing him to humourous, noble, brave. A hero. Someone who will do what is right, no matter what the cost to him. Really love that character.
  • The romance between Angie and Jack is adorable. Fab chemistry between the actors, and brilliantly written.