Acapulco HEAT # 006 Good fun. Standard action-packed a-story...

Acapulco HEAT # 006

Good fun. Standard action-packed a-story with an interesting, well-cast b-story.

  • After a C-5 agent disappears, the HEAT team are sent on a recon mission to an island off the coast of Venezuela, to investigate the activities of “a dangerous bio-chemist who is almost certainly up to no good”.
  • What follows is a by-the-numbers example of the tropes of the genre: the villain likes to gamble every day in an upmarket casino so Cat goes undercover as a worker there, while Mike and Ashley (the focus of the a-story) play a couple of high rollers who engage the villain at the tables.
  • Meanwhile, Brett and Marcos investigate the villain’s compound and the story takes an interesting turn when Marcos is captured by a huge man who doesn’t kill him, but instead carries him to safety and leaves him in the jungle before running off.
  • That character, played by the likeable Diederik van Nederveen, is the focus of the engaging b-story as we find out who he is, and why he is tied to the activities of the biochemist.
  • As well as the action scenes, the fun of show lies in the cast chemistry. The banter between Mike and Ashley is non-stop here and very enjoyable. They really do look like two people who enjoy each other’s company a lot.