Hunter 4.11 A good story from two of my favourite writers: Roy...

Hunter 4.11

A good story from two of my favourite writers: Roy Huggins and Joe Menosky.

  • The high point is the conclusion, particularly the final two scenes which are excellent and very, very powerful.
  • The case-of-the-week concerns the murder of an old flame of Rick’s and there are quite a lot of flashback scenes to tell us about her and flesh out her very interesting character.
  • Rick and Dee Dee work separately here, as they have a difference of opinion as to how to proceed. There’s some nice dialogue between them about this, when she comes back to report that ‘her’ suspect has been telling lies. A short scene illustrating, I feel, one of the strengths of their partnership and why it works so well.
  • Great performances from the guest cast. Kim Morgan Greene is perfect in a very challenging role.
  • The solution comes at the right time in the script, at a point when the audience is just about to make the same conclusion Rick does. The mechanism that prompts him (an undamaged statue) isn’t wholly convincing but it’s a minor quibble in a strong story. And it does get the detectives to a very sad and worthwhile ending.