Fargo 2.9

Suddenly we have a narrator? Okay. Plus the UFO returns. And how. Mostly, however, this is just a lengthy gun battle. The episode is largely driven by one trope: one good cop can’t get his idiot superiors to listen to him. We’ve seen this done many times, and Fargo does a fine job with it. We are introduced to a lot of new characters here. All of them are stupid cops. Stupid in various ways, and all of them are unwilling to listen to Patrick Wilson‘s Lou. They even run him out of the state! Of course we know where this is going, and the show doesn’t disappoint. The third act is one long gun battle and a couple of the main character die. During the carnage, I realised that I actually kinda liked crazy Peggy and her dumb husband and began rooting for them to escape and survive. Which they did. 9/10