Bosch 2.10

A perfect conclusion to the season, and to the main story as well as a few b-stories.

  • The first half of the episode was completely devoted to a b-story barely touched this season, but kept alive in occasional references. It came back here. And dominated the episode. The final scenes - which were magnificent - were devoted to it. And it was very, very satisfying.
  • The season’s main story came to an explosive end, as well. Most of the second half of the hour was taken up with it. And it was action-packed and exciting.
  • Many threads from season one popped up here. Characters, ideas, scenes… were referenced and had a direct bearing on events taking place. The show seems meticulously planned. The storytelling is exceptional, and the effect is very rewarding indeed.
  • I was drawn to the show by Titus Welliver - who remains as magnificent as ever - but I am now under the spell of the writing. And I eagerly look forward to the next season.