Orange Is The New Black 3.8

Best parts:

  • Piper’s panty speech was a hoot. Brava Taylor Schilling! Likewise the discussion about donuts between Charlie and Pennsatucky was hilarious.
  • Enjoyed seeing Danny‘s backstory fleshed out a bit (in one scene) and his ensuing telephone confrontation with Caputo bodes well for upcoming episodes. Season is really tightening up as it goes along. This ‘corporate owners’ storyline is better than I would have expected.
  • It took them ages to give Piper a storyline, but now that she’s building a panty-empire she’s really likeable again.
  • The big reveal (at the end) that Lolly is up to something (concerning Alex) is very satisfying. In the week since watching 3.7 I had been wondering if she was an assassin sent in to get Alex, and now it looks as if that is the direction we are headed. Another thing that bodes well for upcoming stories.
  • About the only weak link was the Crazy Eyes sci-fi sex novel. It was funny when kept to the background, but the more time spent on it, the less amusing it became.