The Good Wife 5.16

Many shows have killed off a major character but rarely has it been done as well as this.

  • Alicia goes on a quest to find out why Will wanted to phone her, just before he was shot. A quest that, ultimately, provides no answers. From a storytelling perspective this was absolutely the right choice.
  • Kalinda goes on a quest to find out exactly which shot killed Will. And when she has an answer, she extracts a kind of revenge/justice. Also very powerful storytelling.
  • Diana got one of the best scenes in the episode when she fired a heartless client. Cary got the other great scene when he opened a can of whupass on some schmucks during a deposition. And Eli had a brilliant comedic scene at the very start of the episode. All three scenes were ‘larger’ than the show would normally do, but worked here as a counterpoint to the slow, somber mourning that occupied virtually every other scene.
  • Across the board this was an intelligent and sorrowful episode.