Benched 1.12 Yvette Nicole Brown. Terrific season-ender....

Benched 1.12

Yvette Nicole Brown. Terrific season-ender. Terrible series-ender.

  • When a show you love gets cancelled, it’s unrealistic to hope that they will tie up all their storylines the way you want.
    Instead, you have to expect cliffhangers. Things going badly for characters you care about, because the intention was to keep telling the story.
  • So it is here. Nina does some major growing, makes some major decisions, but bad luck gets in the way at the very end and our last shot of her is an unhappy one.
  • Aside from that… this is a very funny and very satisfying episode. The jokes come thick and fast, and the plot is busy and fast-moving.
    There’s a great b-story with Phil and Morris that really brings the guard into the ensemble in a meaningful way.
  • This was a good show. It got better and better as it went on and really found it’s feet. It’s just a pity more people didn’t find it.