Orange Is The New Black 3.13 Delightful season-ender. Brings...

Orange Is The New Black 3.13

Delightful season-ender. Brings lots of closure.

  • This is a great episode for Piper, whose storyline had a low-key start this season. All her scenes here were excellent, as she goes after suspects in the theft of money belonging to her illegal business. The resolution was cold-blooded. And awesome.
    Absolutely love the ongoing character arc where she gets darker - and more dangerous - every season.
  • Other storylines which had a stealthy start this year came to fruition here, as well. Cindy, Morello and Caputo are examples of three characters who end the season in a very different place to where they started. And the writing all season was so subtle you didn’t even realise they were on a major path to change. In each case, it seemed as if their goals/destinations were something else. Very impressive writing.
  • Healy had some big scenes, too, but he has been on a journey since day one and these pivotal moments were just the latest markers for this likeable but deeply flawed man.
  • The ending at the lake was a bit overlong and self-indulgent, but it undeniably gave the viewer a warm and fuzzy feeling.