Knots Landing 1.7 Les Lannom, John Dennis Johnston. A...

Knots Landing 1.7

Les Lannom, John Dennis Johnston. A Karen-centric story about a biker gang.

  • When bikers start terrorizing the neighbourhood, Karen leads the fight to stand up to them.
  • A story-idea that doesn’t really fit in with the KL brand. Even in these early days of self-contained stories.
  • The best thing about it is the character-writing for Karen and Richard. She’s heroic and stubborn, and he’s the guy we enjoy disliking (for, in this case, advocating capitulation).
  • And Val gets a lovely speech wherein she throws her support fully behind Karen, highlighting the strong bond between them.
  • There are two problems with the story. First, it’s a cliche that belongs on more action-driven shows. Second, it’s a story that doesn’t have an easy clean-cut ending. The biker gang clearly have the upper hand all the way thought. So, in order to end it, the script contrives a kidnapping and fist-fight to bring a climax where we are led to believe the villains willd o jail-time. But it feels hollow and unlikely. Up to this, the gang have played with smart with their intimidation.