Forever Knight 21 Cali Timmins. Two very good stories in...

Forever Knight 21

Cali Timmins. Two very good stories in parallel. One a flashback to 1966.

  • Most of this episode is set in 1966 and follows Nick as he befriends a family, while searching for an old book that might offer him a cure. He promises to get them out of East Berlin in exchange, and the drama comes from the race-against-time that follows: Lacroix, you see, has set the secret police onto them!
  • The other story involves a crazed gunman taking Natalie hostage at police HQ. It’s a more generic cop story, but it works really well here because Schanke is hidden under a nearby desk, waiting to pounce.
  • The start is great. Both storylines are up and running really fast. And if one doesn’t grip you, the other one will. Each alone could easily sustain an hour, but paired together like this they form an exciting episode.
  • The visuals are impressive. The East Berlin scenes are beautifully filmed.
  • The ending is great! Nick, alone, listening to his voicemail. Ever the lonely hero.